Rattlin’ Hair Jigs? YES PLEASE

Yesterday I was doing a podcast for the Mike Avery’s Outdoor Magazine for Lure Lipstick live from Jeff’s Bait and Tackle by Sterling State Park.  After we taped everything, I started talking to the owner Eric about an idea I had. On the counter there are a couple of trays of these jigs with built-in skids for lack of a better description, in which Eric had attached twin rattle chambers.  He had given me two jigs to try out, and while I was busy this spring tying hair jigs, I started looking at those really loud rattle chambers a little closer.

You might see where this is going already, but just in case, it’s going to provide me with a nice article to share with you.

That’s right, rattling hair jigs!  These things are just as loud as any crankbait in my arsenal and they have a slip on collar that will go over your jig’s hook and can be slid up the shank. The only drawback is that the collar on the ultra minnow jigs was already filled while tying the hair on.  But not to worry, when used with a split tail minnow like those Jeff’s has in the shop from Lure Lipstick, the plastic forces the chambers far enough forward to stay clear of interfering with the hook.  If you must and this is fine by the way, you can even secure the collar by placing just a dab of crazy glue to hold it in place.

You need to push the hair back over the head of the jig before slipping on the rattle’s collar and then it just flows back over chambers.

Eric liked the idea so much that the rattle chambers are now going to be available for sale in the store, with three in each package.  These will definitely enhance your catch rates while dragging hair along the bottom!  Best part is they are REALLY LOUD and you can reuse them over and over again, unless you did the crazy glue trick.

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