Buggy Blades for the Mayfly Hatch

Its that time of the year and the feeding frenzy has started out on Lake Erie.  The bug bite is in full gear and the mayflies are covering every building in eastern Monroe area.  The old timers would say that the fishing is over until the hatch ends, these days we know it is game on and you just have to find where the fish flies are in the water column.

I definitely have my favorite colors that have proven to work year after year. Golds and coppers, anything that imitates or matches the hatch.

Anti-Freeze Patterns

Anti-freeze patterns are also a good choice when the water is clear.

Weapon Rig

Tossing Weapons or mayfly rigs is a blast and one of the few opportunities for big water walleye anglers to do a little casting and catching.

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Born off the Detroit River, raised in Ida and on Lake Erie. Anything fishing holds my interest from Walleye, Pike and Muskie to a 10 year run on the Ice Fishing Circuits around the MidWest.
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