Insane Walleye Week on Lake Erie: Pt2

Lake Erie Eyes

Why am I doing a two-part post today?  Had to take a break after the first article to get the pups out for a walk, call it being on “Beagle Time”.  A little coffee and breakfast didn’t hurt either after getting out again this morning before the winds picked up. Also, after the captain left to run some charters back in his neck of the woods, it has been time to get out and do some of my own fishing.

Saturday was a little choppy and we would have smaller boats from time to time, drop in behind us to help smooth out their ride going out to where they were going to start fishing.   After previously fishing 22 to 24 foot of water on earlier trips, we started out a couple of feet deeper to look for some larger fish.  Spoiler alert, not so much, but the action was literally insane.

TX-22’s in the chop

We had just let the sixth board out on the Daiwa’s when we had a fish on.  Literally for the next 28 minutes we never had all six boards out again at the same time.  Again we were pulling meat through the column with a variety of blades and sizes.  Northland colorado’s and Big Eye Custom Lures deep cups and willow blades in every color you could imagine.

I like a heavier weight, my general rule of thumb is the less line out behind the board, the less chance of something getting snagged up.  Now there are times you need to go deeper and will need more line out, but honestly right now, the earlier you start, the higher up in the water column the fish are.  If they are up high, then you know they are actively feeding and the fishing is better.  As the hours progress through the morning and early afternoon, they tend to go deep, and you need to hit the bottom half of the water column to stay on top of those active fish.

Stingray Diving Weights

When I said heavier weight, I am talking about leaving the #1’s in the box and choosing to use the #2 Stingrays.  I ran them 10, 15 and 20 feet behind my TX-22’s and every targeted depth produced fish.  I prefer to make my own spinner rigs, mostly because I use three hooks in case I am using plastics.

Plastics for walleye?  Yes and it really works great when the swipers, which is my word for a combination of white perch and silver bass, will “swipe” the meat right off your hooks.  When I use the Zoom 6″ Trick Worms enhanced with Lure Lipstick, my baits stay on the hook and they hardly ever snag the body of these junk fish.  There is nothing worse than thinking you have a good walleye on the line and then find out it is just a white perch coming in sideways.

Northland Butterfly Blades

This mornings quick trip was successful even while not trolling.  It was a drift trip with a pair of TX-005 Stern Planers from Church Tackle off the back and casting weapons off the sides.  You could use the -007 Stern Planers if you have them already, but if you have the right tool for the job, you go with it!  The Butterfly blades from Northland are perfect for drifting because they spin at such a slow speed and if you buy the blades separately, you can turn them into a Weapon.  The size #2 blade is perfect for this application. Its a Lake Erie thing with a single hook using basically a Carolina Rig and employing just a snippet of a crawler for flavor.  Never heard of the Weapon, then look up Mayfly Rig, same thing.

Today’s catch with Church Tackle’s Stern Planer

What was today like, kind of windy again and it took a whole 10 more minutes to catch our 12 fish.  The fishing on Erie is literally insane and there doesn’t seem to be slow down in the near feature. Now it is time to take a few days off and get caught up on the weeds in the garden, get the grass cut again and get the rods organized for the tourney this weekend!

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