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Getting Technique Specific with Walleye Harnesses

First there were colorado  and indiana blades, then came willow blades and after that came the whiptails.  Throw into the mix some hatchets and choppers and you get a wide selection of spinner blades for crawler harnesses that do a … Continue reading

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Perch Fishing: One, Two or Three Rods

You have to love the great state of Michigan, it truly is an angler’s paradise.  Just think we could live in Ohio and be stuck trolling with only two rods, or even worse Minnesota where only one rod can be … Continue reading

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BigMouth CatchCounter: Counting Perch Made Easy

Its the day after the fourth of July and I was thinking about all the perch we have been catching lately, and what shows up in my memory feed on Facebook…a perch article about last year’s fishing.  I guess this … Continue reading

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