Beat the Heat with a Cooling Towel

Have you ever been out on Erie on a day, much like today, and there is barely a breeze and the temperatures just keep going up and up? I have too and by not doing anything I could tell that the heat was about to get the best of me.  There is a way to combat the heat, and you wont break the bank in doing so.


Several years ago I bought two of these “cooling” towels on closeout at the end of the season at Menards up in Escanaba.  Sounded like a good idea and the price was right, and hindsight being 20/20, wish I had bought out the rest of the stock.  The towels themselves are pretty pliable out of the container, but will dry to a stiffness like cardboard.  No fears though, I place them in the bottom of my cooler, stack on the beverages and fill with ice.  By the time temperatures start to rise, enough of the ice has melted away and soaked into the towels.

The towels I have are 33.5 x 13 inches, not sure if this is roughly a standard size or not, but it works great for cooling down my noggin.  You can wrap around your neck, but I usually just put right over my hat and head and let the cool water soak down slowly.  It’s not a traditional towel and the material really holds the moisture allowing you to beat the heat.  Definitely a must have in the boat by the time July hits and the high temps drag into August.

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