Hair Jigs and Catching Smallmouth Bass

Catching bass and hair jigs, for a walleye guy, it just seems wrong in every regard.  Last spring though, I got a little creative with my color patterns and made some smaller sizes for taking a casting approach when targeting shallow water walleye or pitching around structure.  1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 ths of an ounce just seem so small when I am used to making 5/8, 3/4 and 1 ounce jigs for the spring bite on Lake Erie.

Copper Perch

I got really creative with the colors when I picked up some different types of Hareline material.  That’s a brand name by the way, they make a large assortment of fly tying materials.  A friend of mine decided she was going to get into a bass league this year NW of  Chicago.  She’s a good bud and fellow staff member with St. Croix Rods and when she told me about this bass distraction, I let her know that I thought I had some hair jigs for her!


If you want to do something like this Firetiger, take a look at the color options in powder paint from TJ’s Tackle.  They have a great assortment colors, disco’s (ice) and glows.

Blue/Black Craw

In some patterns, I looked jig n pig colors like this black with blue flake head and matching craft fur.

Blaze Orange over Disco Gold

I also looked at some of my Rapala’s for inspiration, instead of gold and flo. red, I went with something similar but with gold and orange.  Came out pretty good I must say.

St Croix Rods

I packed a lot of rod and reel combinations for my trip up to the cabin and when it came to plying these hair jigs to catching smallies, my two favorite combinations were a six foot, six inch Premier Light Fast Action rod and a 6’8″ Legend Tournament Walleye Medium Extra Fast.  Both rods were a lot of fun catching the bass, but also the many pike that hammered these handtied baits.

St Croix Tournament Walleye Legend

You might be asking why wasn’t I using a Bass Legend rod, the easy answer is I don’t own one, but this was pretty fun so I just might be calling Park Falls, Wisconsin soon.  Some of my hits came on when the jig entered the water and others while I was working the retrieve back to the boat.

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