Perch are Heating Up on Lake Erie

Thursday I got the chance to hit Lake Erie for some perch fishing with an old friend from the Ice Team Trap Attack days.  It was always fun to fish against Tim because nothing makes you a better angler than to fish against good competition.  Back in 2005, he and his partner won an event on Wampler’s Lake out in Irish Hills.  No small feat since there were some really good anglers fishing back then.

We hit Jeff’s Bait and Tackle for some minnows, mixed it up this time and picked up some  rosey reds to go with along with some really nice emerald shiners.  Just wanted an assortment of sizes to put down to see what the perch would want the most. Tim already had the Michigan 2-Fly Rig on his rod and reel, but we still checked out the assortment on the wall.  I always like getting a couple of packs to mix up the color combinations on the rig.  He went with all Glow Pink and I put down a Glow Pink with a Silver Shiner.  It turned out to be a good combination for both of us, until I hooked the anchor rope and switched to a Glow Orange, but I saved that Silver!  Will retie that for a later trip, its been the most consistent fly for me all year.

Double on the 2-Fly Rig

We set up in 26-27 foot of water, just inside the state line.  Tim didn’t have an Ohio license, thinking he will remedy that next year.  When fishing Erie, you almost have to have both licenses in order to stay on top of the fish.

The fishing wasn’t slow, the best way to describe it would be steady.  We pick away at them and every once in a while they would hammer the baits for about five minutes.  There were a few doubles, but the fish were biting really light.  The best method was to pound the bottom a few times, let it sit for a few seconds and then slowly raise the bait.  More often than not, I could feel just a slight weight difference on the other end and I would set the hook with my St. Croix.

When things slowed down, I would take some Lure Lipstick pheromone enhanced scent that Jeff’s Bait has in stock and just touch up my fly a little with a couple of squirts.  It’s not easy to hit a moving target!  I did get pretty good at it and caught some of my bigger perch while using it.  All the fish we kept were over 8 inches, and most of them measured 9 inch or bigger.

Under a time crunch we wrapped up the day’s trip when the Catch Counter registered 50 perch in the cooler.  It was a good day, and back at the dock after talking to a few people, we learned that we did better than most!

Have a wedding to go to today, but weather permitting, will be back at Jeff’s Sunday morning to hit the lake again!  Have to remember this time to collect my $25 for winning big perch contest a few weeks back!!!!

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