Accessorizing the FLX-20 Genz Pack

It’s not a secret for anyone that knows me, I run Vexilar through the ice, in fact I use my Vex all year-long.  Its been a great 14 years with the company as a member of their staff, it is a great company and the units have never once failed me.  My favorite platform has been the Genz Pack from day one, so when it was time to choose my units for the year I jumped on the chance to pick up the FLX-20 mounted on the blue box.


There are two things I have always added to my Genz Boxs since they came out with my very first FL-22 HD, first of which is the DD-100.  This little device serves two purposes, the first of which is to act as a battery status indicator.  To be honest, I have never hit that little yellow button since I charge my batteries after each use and a Vexilar will run for days on a charge.  The second feature is that it gives you a digital depth reading,  this I use for a quick reference for setting my dial on the unit itself.

Neoprene Cover

The second accessory is really the one must have for me when it comes to fishing with the Genz Pack.  I have never used a soft pack with the blue box, which left the flat screens of the units unprotected from scratches while traveling.  I treat my equipment like gold and I would be a little more than upset if one of the units ever got nicked up.  Vexilar makes a neoprene cover and for $10, I call it cheap insurance!

The Glo-Ring

This year Vexilar came out with a new accessory that I knew was going to be part of my favorite platform, the Glo-Ring.  I like glow lures, but like many people I get caught up in the moment and often forget to charge my lures up before dropping them down the hole.  The ultra-violet Glo-Ring makes the process easy, no more fumbling around in my pockets for the typical flashlight devices.  The installation was a breeze, just attach the bracket to my blue box, and slide the ring into it.

It has a built-in On and Off switch which easily mounted to the side of my Genz Pack by using two interlocking clear velcro pads that have adhesive backs.  You can “plug” it in with two different methods.  The first is the easiest as most pre-built packs from Vexilar have a charging port already installed and you simply plug it in.  The second way is by using the alligator clips that come with the Glo-Ring.  This method can be used on any pack, inside your Clam flip-over style shanty or for those with permanent shacks, any spare Vex style 12 volt battery.

Everything folds up fairly compact and still fits nicely into one of my milk crates.

All of these accessories are great for getting the most out of your Vexilar Genz Pack.  You can run each of the electronic add-ons on the classic FL-8se or the FL-18, up to the FLX-12 and FLX-20.  Each of these will do nothing but enhance your fishing experience.

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