Getting the Jigs ready for the Tourney: Powder Painting

I have three large cases filled with jigs in 3/8th, 1/2 and 5/8ths ounce jigs and yet I felt the need to pour over 160 jigs and tame my wild hair fixation.  Throw in 50 more jigs from Angler’s Quest and the paint lab was a busy place the past few days.  Finally wrapped it up yesterday while cleaning out the eyes of the jigs and put in their cases.

One of my favorite colors in John Deere Green, both for hair jigs and vertical jigging .  The fluid beds from TJ’s Tackle make everything easier.  Before I discovered the fluid beds, I hated dealing with powder; the constant fluffing, uneven distribution and clumping led to some terrible results.

Here are the samples I did using the jigs from Angler’s Quest, and since I will be fishing a tourney this weekend on the Saginaw River, these are half ounce.  I had 50 to play with and went with 12 colors, four each and with the two leftover, I added an extra to two proven colors, Firetiger and Blue Ice.

Super Glows

The Super Glows were hard to do, only because of the difficulty in choosing which patterns to create.  I used some standard spoon references and some inspiration from past winner from my colorado collection for harnesses.  From left to right;  Yellow Tail, Erie Watermelon, Boy Girl and Ludington Watermelon.

The Ice Collection

The ladies love ice, at least that’s the game plan for these four jigs.  Technically these are “Disco” paints from TJ’s and I use them for the base color of the jigs.  From left to right;  Confusion (ish), Blue Ice, Copper Perch and Detroit Gold.

The Greens

These last four might have been the toughest to choose, but while looking through my other boxes I whittled down the choices until these four winners stood alone.  Left to right for the last time;  Antifreeze, John Deere Green, Firetiger and Pimp Daddy.  Like Blue Ice, Pimp Daddy was inspired by the plastics from Lunker City.

Copper Perch

One of my thoughts for this tourney was to come up with some new approaches to try for finicky walleye.  Making up some hair jigs seemed like a logical decision.  Most of my hair jigs are made with the Ultra Minnow jig mold, but in this instance on the Saginaw River, I wanted more of a drop that can be provided with the Walleye Jig mold.  The Copper Perch has a copper flashabou core, then wrapped with medium olive craft fur.

Blue Ice

The Ice in Blue Ice

One of the hair jigs I knew I had to create was Blue Ice.  It’s a jig head that produces, and a rubber body that also does extremely well.  Really this was the no-brainer in the decision making process.  To get the ice effect I used two colors of flashabou.  The top section of the core is blue, while the bottom is silver.  The outer layer is blue craft fur, then the belly section is a fine white fiber version of craft fur.  In the water, the blue and white would stand on its own, add in the ice that will shine through the fur and should be a deadly combination.

There are more hair versions, including Firetiger, John Deere and even Purple Ice, but I think you get the idea.  Besides I have to pack up the gear and prep before heading to Bay City tomorrow.  That and work on a short shopping list at Frank’s Great Outdoors to replace some beat up hooks on …. nevermind, that’s top secret for now!

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