Old Info stored in the Wallet, is now available on your Phone

Back in your dad’s or maybe your grandfather’s day, they used to keep all kinds of useful fishing information tucked away in their wallets.  Just simple notes about this or that would be hard to remember or perhaps the directions to a secret spot.  Prime example of this is little card my dad carried around for years.  Handwritten, it says how much 2-stroke oil needed to be mixed with a gallon of gas for the Johnson motors on the Crestliner boat.  Then down the line, he multiplied the number of gallons by 2.6 ounces of oil for quick reference at the pumps.

Oil to gas mix ratio for the Johnson’s

Today there is smart phone, its does so many things for you through all the apps available to you,  like the dive charts from Precision Trolling.  Sometimes though, that information isn’t available on an app, and that old wallet card of information is works best.  These days though,  it is in the form of a picture.

Gremlin Split Shot

Deciphering Gremlin Split Shot

There are times where I want to run split shot while trolling for walleye, and occasionally there are still times where I use them under a float for bluegill or crappie.  I know my limitations, and with all the fishing type knowledge crammed into my head, trying to remember what weight corresponds with each size available from Water Gremlin sinkers is not something I am going to remember.  To help myself out, I wrote it down on a card, just like my father would have done but this time I took a picture and saved it.  Now I have it for future reference and do not have to worry about misplacing the wallet, having it go through the wash cycle, or even stolen.

I do this for all kinds of fishing type stuff, prime example is trying to remember the fogging sequence for my Etch on the duck boat.  Start in the half throttle position, hold for 15 seconds, move to start position, hold for 15 seconds, back to half, then hold….you see my point.  Found it online, took the pic or screenshot and now its all right there for me to reference when needed.

Use the storage space on your phone and create your own wallet’s wealth of knowledge a finger tip away.  This time it will be on your phone, and when you get old and cannot ready your own writing anymore, no problem, just expand the picture bigger until you can read it 😉

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