The Vexilar Glo Ring Difference

Everyone knows that when you charge up a glow jig or swimming minnow, at the right time, it will help you catch more fish.  With that in mind though, how many of us would have our little UV flashlight in our pockets, but in the rush to get the lure back down the hole we never pulled it out to charge the bait.  I for one am very guilty of this,  usually in my rush to catch more fish, I even forget to take pics of the catch, no matter how impressive they might be.  You know what I mean, got to get it back down there before the bite quits…that rush of the tug.

When we hit the Saginaw River last Sunday I started out with a Flat Jig from Rapala on the line and it was crazy for a couple of hours.  First fish up was a white perch, and I was really hoping that all the marks on my FLX-20 were not more of that junk.  Next to come up the hole was an 8 inch perch and there was hope for the rest of the day.  Then I popped one that almost went 11 inches and the catching got to be fun.

Clam Pro Tackle’s Leech Flutter Spoon

After a while we got the lookers coming in, those nasty little fish that want to follow your bait up several feet and then after all that work, you get rejected. Sounds a lot like the last girlfriend.  Back on point, and that would be that I changed up the presentations several times.  I tried the rattle baits and the local favorites that work up on the bay and river.  Nothing, more of the same.  I even left my trusted lift and fall technique and tried to jiggle them onto the hook, just to get “girlfriended” again.

I have hated hair on my hooks ever since Storm did it with a couple of Hot n Tot lures back in the day.  When Clam said they were putting a little hair on their Leech Flutter Spoons, I have to admit, I was a little turned off at first.  What hooked me into buying some was the shape of the spoon.  Like the bend and shape of trolling spoons that get used on Lake Erie and really, walleye waters everywhere, I liked the shape of the lure….a lot.

I looked at the arsenal and pulled the trigger on this sort of watermelon color pictured above.  Thought to myself, it also glows and I figured whey not, I turned on the Glo-Ring from Vexilar that I had attached to the Genz Box on the FLX-20.  Tipped the spoon with a minnow head, added a little Lure Lipstick to the back and dropped it through the ring and down the hole the presentation went.

The bite turned on again, and I was like, “Way to go glow!” In hindsight, I should have been saying, “Way to go Glo-Ring!”.  I went back to my lift and fall method and started catching fish.  There was so much competition for the bait, I tried to jiggle the spoon for some action and that deal bent my St. Croix  27M Avid ice rod over a few times too.  Just another method to add to the journal of what works.

Quick note:  You can leave the Glo-Ring on all day without worrying about draining your battery!

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