Perch Rods, which St. Croix is the right one for you

Not that a wake or after funeral luncheon is the best place to talk about fishing, but when it comes up, just go with it.  This happened to my dad last Monday while I was out fishing on the hardwater.  His first cousin’s husband had just passed away and after the funeral the family gathered to remember John and gain solace in the shared stories of his life.  John was a kind man and in the last few years I was able to get to know him a little better and I used to get him and Sally rigged up for fishing every species you could think of up the Manistique Lakes in the Upper near Curtis, Michigan.

It was during the wake that my name came up and the person in question knew me through my articles and loved the blog.  The conversation turned to perch fishing and how he always wanted to get a St. Croix for this specific application, but was wary of the price.  I must have been educating dad over the years without even realizing it because he said St. Croix rods come in wide price range.  Then I guess the man’s wife said you should get one.  You really have to love getting the green light to get the rod of your dreams!

Premier Spinning Series

I am going to attempt to help this person pick out the rod that will fit his wants, and maybe even the budget.  First up are two rods that are in the Premier spinning family with its five year warranty, a six-foot ultralight and a 6’6″ light action rod, which both retail for $130.00.  Match them up with a 6 lb braid and just wait for the bite, you can even feel fish bumping into the line. I really love these rods for my own personal use, in fact they are covered in scales and need a serious cleaning this year!

PS60ULF is the six-foot ultralight with a fast action.

PS66LF is the six-foot, six inch light rod, also with a fast action.

Avid Spinning Series

Next up are the same lengths and actions available in the Avid series of spinning rods.  There are some differences, but here are the main two, a better graphite mix with SCIII material for increased sensitivity, even more feel than the Premier’s that I love.  Then you have St. Croix’s unmatched lifetime warranty, always worth the investment.  These rods retail for $180 and 190.00. The models are AVS60ULF and AVS66LF.

Legend Elite Panfish series

Now, this one just might get somebody in trouble despite being given the green light. Introduced just this year, the Legend Elite Panfish Series.  Which begs the questions, do you really need to mention the price since the green light was given, or that goofy saying, “It is better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.”  Personally, I would stick with the first one, I have left women for the latter excuse.

I was thrilled with the announcement of this series to be honest, and when I saw what models were going to be available, I laser focused in on the LEP64LXF rod.  This rod also has the lifetime warranty, but jumps up to the SCV graphite only available in some of St. Croix’s very best rods and retails at $370.00.  At six-foot, four inches, this is a light action rod, with the same X-tra Fast tip that I have on my walleye jigging rods.  This combination of material, power and action means more fish coming up and going into the counter.  Quick explanation would be this, you feel the fish when they breath on your bait, and that extra fast tip means you are setting the hook before the perch even realize what just happened.   At least one will be in the boat this year, and knowing me since I do everything two-fisted, there will be a pair pounding the perch on Lake Erie.


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