Lake Erie Trolling is in Full Gear

Church Tackle TX-22 Boards

In my book, it is never to early to leave the Detroit River.  Jigging is a blast, but I like the lake for that too.  Thursday it was time to bust out the St. Croix and Daiwa Sealine combinations to do some trolling with crankbaits behind the TX-22 Church Tackle Boards.

St. Croix Premier Glass

Once again, I think the weatherman job has to be the greatest ever.  Definitely sure that we never hit sixty degrees, and yet some where there is a person sitting behind their desk totally secure in there job security for at least another day. While the sun tried to pop out over Brest Bay, it never cracked the clouds.

First walleye to go in the box

We set up just outside the Bay in 24 foot of water and while the wind was blowing out of the East, we set up to do a trolling pass to the West.  My buddy Cliff was carefully watching what the Lowrance was showing on the screen and determined that most of the fish were hanging from the top to about 15 deep in the water column.  Since we had set the depths of the lures to cover each section of the water column.  Quickly I changed the amount of line behind the boards to run higher in the water.  It wasn’t long before the first walleye pulled back on the board’s Double Action Flag System.  Score one for the Rapala Deep Husky Jerks juiced up with some Lure Lipstick.

The Rapala Arsenal

Original and Jointed Deep Husky Jerks

The action got pretty hot once we went past Stoney Pointe and headed into the heart of Brest Bay.  In the span of five minutes, five of our Church boards were pulled back with walleye on the other end.  In an additional 10 minutes, we had three more fish in the box.




When our first pass slowed down, we picked up the gear and made our way back to do another drift.  This time though, we didn’t go out as far, and started trolling in 22 foot of water.  Plenty of time to get the gear back in the water before we got back into that hot zone we encountered on the first pass.  All the boards were running straight and true,  the TX-22’s are a great board to run while running big cranks and even harnesses with up to 2 ounce weights.

As it happens so many times, you do great on your first pass and then mother nature waves her wand and changes things up on you.  During the first drift the wind was rolling straight out of the East.  By the time we got started on the second pass, she was blowing a little colder out of the Northeast.  We soon noticed that those active fish were now down lower than that 15 foot marker.  Here we go again, reeled up the lines and changed the depths of the cranks to run deeper.

Box of Donuts/12 Walleye in the Box #LureLipstick #Enhanced

Quickly we got three fish to get us to the 11 fish mark.  At that time we decided to run up to the rock wall by Sterling State Park for that big hen that would help us out in the Domka run “Spring Bash” big fish tournament.  No such luck, I pulled another walleye up on my green and pink Deep Husky Jerk #12.  I could have thrown it back, but with the weather changing and looking like it might rain, it was time to go in.

Finally used the walleye rack this year

While we were pulling the rest of the gear in, the Rapala’s took two more walleye that went back in the water to be caught another day.  The DHJ’s won the battle of the brands with a score of 5 to 9 for the final count.  At least on this day colors did not seem to matter as long as you had them running where the fish were in the water column.  All in all, it was a great day to leave the Detroit River and come back home to catch a couple of limits.  Best of all, we had a great dinner after the cleaning was done.

Side note:   I have never had a knife like the Church Tackle fillet knife when it comes to filleting the meat off the skin.  So sharp that it slides between the skin and meat like butter!

Church Tackle Fillet Knife

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