Not just for Perch Anymore, it’s MEGAmouth time!

First there was the original Catch Counter for keeping track of your perch, then the BigMouth Catch Counter for perch and bluegill, now there is the MegaMouth for literally  just about everything else!

MegaMouth CatchCounter

The next generation model from Tony Sebastiano, the owner of Catch Counter, really isn’t just for perch anymore.  With the new wider MEGA mouth design you can also fit silver bass, white perch, bull bluegills, huge crappie, of course perch and is the perfect size for those male walleye loaded in the Detroit River right now.  Don’t fish the river, you can still use the Mega out on Lake Erie, Saginaw Bay and any where in the Midwest.

MEGA dimensions

Do you fish inland lakes and rivers in Ohio, Minnesota or out west? Then the Mega will be right up your alley for sauger and saugeye, too.  The versitility of the wider design is the beauty of it, well that and it’s original purpose which is to keep track of how many fish you have in the box.  That and you go from the hook, through the the funnel and right onto a big bag of ice.  This is my 3rd generation of Catch Counters that will be on the boat this year.  If the Mega is as good (and it will be, Tony doesn’t sell anything without extensive testing) the tradition of not miss counting a single fish will continue.  When I go to put them in the Tumble Drumms, if the counter says I have 100 perch in the cooler, then 100 go into the drums for taking those scales off.

Why putting on ice versus the livewell, because it is always a good thing to cool down your catch as soon as you can.  Here is a good anaology, it deer bow hunting season in the fall and it’s a bit warm out there.  You get that buck, but it is too hot to be able to hang the deer.  You throw a couple of bags of ice into the chest cavity to cool down the core temperature so you can get it to the processor or garage for cutting without having the meat spoil on you in meantime.  It is the same with your fish, you don’t want them cooking while you finish your limit.  It keeps your fish fresh, firm and ready to clean, remember, ice is nice!

Cooler Option

Bucket Option

DYI with 8.25 inch hole saw

You still have the original three options when picking out your Catch Counter.  Either get it with a cooler with everything pre-cut for you, or with the bucket version for those with smaller boats or if you want to run it out onto the ice for those tasty panfish.  Of course you can still get the head by itself and install your own if you have a bucket or cooler that’s already perfect for it.  Either use your own 8.25 inch hole saw, or this year you can get one on the website.  One stop shopping for everything Catch Counter….add your own fish!

Where to buy will be the next question someone will ask me.  Of course you can go right to the Catch Counter website, and one of my favorite fishing websites, FishUSA.  For local places to shop in Monroe, Port Clinton and Toledo, here is a list.

Jann’s NetCraft, Maumee, Ohio
1.800.638.2723-or see their catalog.

Domka Outdoors, Monroe, Michigan

Fish USA, Fairview, Pennsylvania
814.616.2157 or see their catalog. Free Shipping!

Fisherman’s Cave, 7120 Summit St., Erie, Michigan

Cullen Park Drive Thru and Bait, 4465 N Summit St. Toledo, Oh. 419-729-2248

Bassetts Hardware, Port Clinton and Catawba locations.

Fishermans Wharf, N. Madison St on the river, Port Clinton Ohio

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