About Fishing Michigan

Welcome to “Fishing Michigan”. I am Chuck Mason, and will be basically your host into what makes me tick on the water. Its not as scarry as it sounds. You get to read about the best parts of my fishing experiences, your basic what works for me kind of talk. Kind of like the commercials, it might not have been my idea, but I made it better.

Topics range from open water to ice fishing; lots of different species, DNR, politics, events, strategies, locations, gadgets and gear. Since the “powers that be” told me I can write about anything I want, sometimes I just want to share what has been going on lately on a day to day basis.

So, come tag along, enjoy the reading. Hopefully, you will find it as enjoyable as I have so far in writing it. Not sure what I meant, ask away. My teaching background often comes out in my posts and will be glad to walk someone through a topic. Have a different view, or a better idea, bring it on. If it helps me, or someone else catch more fish, that is the whole goal of “Fishing Michigan”.

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