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Born off the Detroit River, raised in Ida and on Lake Erie. Anything fishing holds my interest from Walleye, Pike and Muskie to a 10 year run on the Ice Fishing Circuits around the MidWest.

How to Fizz a Fish

How to Fizz a Walleye: Catch and Release Fish From Deep Water

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Perchnado 2017

So I sort of stole the title from the shark movies on that science fiction channel, but “Perchnado” sort of fits the bill after two days of fishing on Lake Erie where the perch were flying in the boat.  There … Continue reading

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Clam=Ice Fishing: New products for the 2017/18 Season/Shanties

I got a sneak peek of most of the new product back in August, but its time to go through the whole list on the website and see what “must haves” are out there for the upcoming ice fishing season. … Continue reading

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Detroit Beach Boat Club Perch Tourney: September 2, 2017

Its that time of the year again, it is the perch tournament at the Detroit Beach Boat Club, this Saturday!    Cost is $20.00 per person and the payout is 100 percent.  There is a big fish prize, and will … Continue reading

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Dropping the Bomb(s) on Fall Walleye

You’re going to ask me why am I talking about walleye on Lake Erie when the perch season is in full swing, and my snarky answer is going to be, “If you snooze, you lose.”.   In this case it … Continue reading

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Escanaba, MI to host TWF Walleye Tourney on July 30, 2017

The Walleye Federation (TWF) is having a one day tourney in Escanaba,  Michigan on July 30th…that’s this month folks.  Its a two person team tourney and the entry fee is $200+federation membership fee for the event.  You could qualify for … Continue reading

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Busting out the Weapons

Its perch fishing time out on Lake Erie, but its also one of those times where I like to break out an old friend, the Weapon Rig.  Sometimes referred to as a Mayfly Rig, this simple contraption is a walleye … Continue reading

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Perch Fishing Tip for Tighline Rigs

The perch fishing season is starting to get into full swing, and with that many anglers will be hitting Lake Erie in search of yellow bellies.    One of the most popular rigs out there is commonly referred to as the tighline … Continue reading

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Counting Perch, with the CatchCounter

With all the perch coming back to the boat on the crawler harnesses lately, it really has me thinking about the perch fishing that will be starting soon out on Lake Erie.  At least for me that is, those that … Continue reading

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New Way to Remove the Fish Smell

Handling fish, sometimes lots of fish if your day went well on the water, is something we all do.  If you have tried some of the smell removal type items you can buy in a sporting goods store,  you probably found … Continue reading

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