Busy Busy Week

This is my crazy time of the year working with the leaders in the ice industry representing their products around the state.

Kicked it off this weekend with stops at Bass Pro Shops in Auburn Hills and Gander Mountain up the road in Taylor.  BPS was a blast, and had a great experience for the kids all planned for this weekend.  They had a trout pond all set up, and from what my sources tell me, the one in Perrysburg had a perch pond for the kids.  They had a great time, and were allowed to keep two trout each.

The Gander Mt. store has all those hard to find local favorites like Ken Spoons for catching perch.  The staff really utilized as much space as possible to get all the gear in on the floor.  They had the full line up of Strikemaster augers and all the new clothing from Ice Armor.

They are a short ride from Monroe, if you are looking for some hard to find items, give them a shout.

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