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Sponsors Pull Out of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

In response to the show organizers not allowing sales of so called “black guns”, major sponsors and celebrity speakers have pulled out of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Here is an excellent post by fellow blogger CarrieZ:


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Claire’s Critter Care

Monday, February 20th, 2012


One of the girls I used to work with at Cabela’s has started a pretty creative business,  and its called “Claire’s Critter Care”.  And by the name of the business, yes her name is Claire.  One day while on Facebook she sends a message about starting this pet service and I thought what a cool idea for people who go on fishing trips, but have pets at home.  Kind of hard to leave them behind, and most of the time, almost impossible to take them with you.

Her website is .  I had never heard of such a service and when I asked her how she came up with this idea in the first place, it had to do with the tough economy and not being able to find a job within her degree (University of Akron) field.  So as she put it, she decided to turn one her passions into a job. Fully licensed and insured is a pretty good idea, but she is also “Pet First Aid” certified through the Red Cross. To be honest I did not know there was such a thing, but if you are going to offer a service like this one, it certainly makes sense.

She works with just about any type of animal, besides spiders that is.  Takes them on their “breaks”, checks their food and water and even will take them to the Vet if you cannot make the appointment yourself.  You can email about prices ( ) or call 734-430-4802 for more information.


Final Day of the MI-OH Sportfishing Expo for 2012

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Here it is Sunday morning, and 4 am at that.  The grand plan of going to bed early and waking up refreshed worked too well. But, it gives me time to do a quick write up, get it posted and hit the road running.

Worked in the booth all day, and slid into the seminar room at 11am to get set up for my seminar at noon.  Here is the link for Sunday’s seminar schedule:

Took some pics, had some fun and had that whole kid in the candy store feeling going on again.  Couldn’t resist getting some of Captain Jay’s blade baits before the doors even opened. Picked up my order from the good folks at Silver Streak/Wolverine Tackle, the blade patterns were exactly what I had hoped they would look like.  Also walked off with 3 new custom Deep Husky Jerk patterns from  Here some of the pics I took from the show!


Domka Outdoors booth right next to us.

Wolverine Tackle/Silver Streak booth.




The Walleye 101 crew in the corner

Amish Outfitters with those drift socks

Here is Corey Miller getting  the “Reel Naughty” Contender all set up for his seminar

If I have a little better luck today with the Internet, will try again to do some live blogging from the show.

MI-OH Sportfishing Expo today n Sunday

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Off to the fishing show, Seminars start at 10am, will be blogging live with reports and pics.

MI-OH Sportfishing Show Ad from the Toledo Blade

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Come and see us Saturday and Sunday, and stop by the booth.

The 2012 MICH-OHIO Sportfishing Expo: Seminar Topics (continued)

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

One of the things  I will be sharing during the my seminars this weekend at the show will be some rigging techniques for the trolling rods to get the most out of your set ups.

the rubber worm tip! blades on 3 hook snells

Some of it will be why I prefer three hooks versus two hooks when I snell my crawler harnesses, and one tip, that will give your crawler (live bait) more action than anyone else’s presentation!  Its a must have trick to have up your sleeve, and it will be the first time I have ever shared it with other anglers.

why its good to rock the blues

The 2012 MICH-OHIO Sportfishing Expo: Seminar Topics

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

One of the things I will be discussing this weekend at the show will be on blade selection.    Which blades perform the best,  given the right location and conditions.  Although, I am firm believer that there are no “sacred cows” when it comes to fishing, there are certainly definite trends that seem to hold true, year after year.  During the seminars, I will have several blades on display, and will have more rigged up on my St. Croix Trolling rods to help with the demonstrations.


Frank’s Great Outdoor’s Seminar: Nov. 3, 2011

Thursday, October 20th, 2011


Will be doing a seminar at Frank’s Great Outdoor’s on November 3rd, which is just two weeks away from today.  The seminar’s start at 5pm and will last three hours.  With myself,  Mike Boedeker from Shappell will be there, and we will be the guest speakers for the evening.

I will be in the store at least a half hour early to get set up and talk to folks who come early to get a good seat.  You can go Frank’s Facebook page, and RSVP the event, or stop in at the store to get additional information.  I will be talking about the edge an angler can get while using St. Croix Rods and Vexilar Marine Electronics, while chasing Saginaw Bay and River walleyes.  These lessons can also apply to other areas on the Great Lakes.

Fall Clearance Sale @ Jeff’s Bait & Tackle

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Jeff’s bait shop is having a clearance sale from now until the 19th of the month.  Most of the items in the shop are being cleared out to make room for a new floor plan and the fall trolling bite that is just around the corner!


Reef Runner baits are on sale for $5.49, which is a good 70+ cents cheaper than anywhere else.  Most Rapala’s are on sale also,  $5.99 gets you everything except X-Raps and Jointed Raps.  Wiggle Warts and Hot n Tots from Storm are $3.99, while you can pick up all the Erie Dearie styled baits for only 99 cents!

In addition to the crank styled baits and weight forward spinners; bottom bouncers in stock are 99 cents, Little Cleo spoons are $2.99, while Storm and Berkley (not Gulp) plastics are only $1.99 per package.    Mizmo plastics are also 1/2 off. 

Jeff’s is also one of, if not the only place in the state that has Tightline Perch Rigs available.  They are $1.59 each, and have three #4 hooks on a single line, in the drop shot fashion.  The benefit here is that there isn’t any slack line when  a perch takes the bait, you know roughly the same instant the perch does when he gets hooked!

Jeff’s Bait and Tackle’s new website

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

and as it was brought to my attention earlier, that is my mug on the homepage holding the 11 pounder caught this spring.