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Your GPS: how to make it an indoor tool

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Lets say you have a day fishing on the water coming up, and you want to make the most of your experience.  Now, you can still go the paper route map, I do because I like to get a big picture of where I will be.  But, if that is your only option, you will still be losing definition.  Meaning the paper map will only show you so much detail. This easy method, will show you what you will be seeing on your GPS while on the water, from the comfort of being indoors.

Here is what you will need to make this work.  A 12 volt battery for starters, and you probably have one if you are into ice fishing.  Commonly known as a flasher battery these 12 volt, seven to 12 amp batteries are perfect for the task.  Next up you will need a power point adapter, female end with gator clips (like the picture) or other type connectors attached.  A power cord, and in this instance, one for my Lowrance HDS-5m chartplotter.  I made a trip to Radio Shack and picked up the male end and wired it into the power cord, complete with my 3 amp fuse.  The whole process in putting this phase together takes less than 15 minutes.  Originally, this was done to make my GPS multifunctional, something that I could not only use with the boat, but also on the quad for ice fishing.

Connect male and female (power point), hook up the battery and power up the GPS.  Now you can survey everything the map will tell you on the water, but in a relaxed atmosphere.  Lets face it, things can get hectic on the water, and it can be difficult to zoom in and out to get the detail you want when your boards are rocking.  Create way-points for points of interest before you even start fishing;  holes, humps, rock points, reefs and shipwrecks.  All things that might hold fish that might otherwise escape you during the “heat of battle.”

Side note:  Extra genuine Lowrance power cords were purchased off of Ebay.  You can also make this work if you have a “jump start” unit equipped with a power point adapter already.


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GPS, What’s new???

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

After last season on the ice I decided to upgrade my old Garmin Etrex model GPS’s to one that would take the map cards.  The same SD cards that go into your open water fishing and/or mapping  units.  Being the frugal type person that I am, I went with the Lowrance XOG.  In fact, found one on ebay for $170 something that included shipping.

Even though Lowrance has discontinued the product, they are still available, and are the perfect “cross-over” to meet my needs.  Not only can I use the unit to get to the lake I want to fish, but I can install a map card and use it on the lake, too.  The nice thing about the XOG is that I can now have a bigger screen than anything found in the “handheld” category of GPS’s available.

With the RAM mounts available, it can be easily mounted to the Polaris.  Touch pad tech, means no more fumbling with knobs or small buttons that are hard to get to with smaller units in their cradles.  Bigger screen means it will be easier to pick up landmarks on the fly.

Choosing Sunglasses

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

I  have been debating this for a few years, and finally pulled the trigger last night on a new pair of “good” sunglasses for fishing.

A pair of Costa del Mar’s, in the Brine model.  Ever since my retail days I have wanted a pair of Costa’s and after looking at models, costs and options I placed the order on Ebay. Normally this is not an item I would buy on Ebay, a lot of factors are involved in a purchase like this. But last year I had gone to Bass Pro and tried on several pairs checking for fit, and yes to a certain degree style.  It came down to the Brine model (above) and the Harpoon model below.

The style is fairly close, but with some differences.  The Brine frames came in Matte Black, vs. a shiny finish on the Harpoons.  These are going to fishing glasses, thus the line of thought is the shiny black might show scratches more.  I have a tendency to steam up glasses on hot days, so the vent holes were a feature I was looking for.

Really the most important feature to look for were the lenses, I wanted a blue polarized lens for open water fishing on Lake Erie. Blue is better on the big water.  If I was primarily fishing inland lakes or streams for steelhead and such, I would have gone with the Green mirror below, because of its amber base and the ease to pick things out of shadows.  I almost went that route for my pike and muskie trips, and ok, the green bug look does look cool too.

Then the decision was either go with a glass lens or polycarbonate.  This was actually an easy decision, I relied on people who know and have them already and went with the glass 580 series.  It came highly reccomended from those who own and those who work  with them in sales.

The best part, even though the glasses retail for $239,  I got them on ebay for $158.50 and that included the shipping.  An $80 plus savings.

Loving Ebay Today

Monday, September 28th, 2009

I was in the mood for some shopping yesterday.  Even went down to Bass Pro in Rossford to take a peak at some goodies.  Got home and searched Ebay for my usual interests and found hooks.

Not a huge buy mind you, but the price was so right.  Picked up these up on auction which is sort of out of my norm.  Usually I go for the “buy it now” option so I don’t have to deal with the waiting game.  Nothing worse than having someone swoop in with so little time left that I cannot place another bid and loose something I really wanted.

Wasn’t the case this time though.  I picked up 100 #2 sized hooks for adding to my crawler harness arsenal next year.  Also,  got the same deal on #8 hooks for tying my snells for perch fishing.

The price, a mere 99 cents per each 100 count, and $3.50 in shipping.  At one of the big chain stores, this purchase would have cost me at least 15 bucks per 100 count.  It pays to look once in a while folks.

Loving Ebay 2day

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Its always worth taking a look at ebay while building your crawler harnesses for the upcoming year.

I just picked up 200 VMC #6 treble hooks, with shipping for less than 34 bucks. 2x strong Barbarians with the good sharp cone cut points.  If you were to buy in the store, an easy 30 bucks per 100.

Don’t expect to find this kind of deal the first time out, shop around, look around.  Might take you a week, maybe two, or in my case THREE WEEKS.

Northland Whistler Jigs

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Note:  I was going to put this on last night, but then I got the pics of the wayward moose, and this got BUMPED back.  The emails are still coming in asking more questions, than I know the answers to, but am looking them up this morning.


Although, I didn’t win the planer boards the other day, while I was on Ebay I did do a search on jigs.  When I typed in Whistler Jigs from Northland.  I did find these 3/4 oz Glow Whistlers.

glow whistlers


Someone had already bid $4.99 the other day, so I pounced with five minutes left with a bid of $5.50.  I waited around a bit during the final minutes left in the bidding.  Ended up winning, couple that with the $6.35, I paid a total of $11.85 for this pack of 25 jigs.  Comes to 48 cents for each jig, and when you buy them in the store, you are looking at a buck a piece+gas+tax.  Not a bad deal.

Again, why Whistler Jigs?  These are some of my favorite jigs for using on the Detroit River, plus they are a great weight for the bottom of a three-way swivel with a harness on top.  They can be employed while drifting or trolling.

Hookin’ Eyes on Ebay: Northland Tackle

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Unlike Lindy, there were quite a few items under the Northland Tackle banner available on Ebay today.  Some of the sizes aren’t conducive for fishing the big waters, but some of them are ideal for tackling an inland lake where stealth rules.

First up is a Fire-Ball Rattle Jig in blue weighing 1/4 of an ounce.   These jigs are really versatile, because you can use the jig with, or without the rattle.  The piece slides over the barbed collar to hold it in place.  This light blue can be a very effective color,  a good friend who fishes in Canada turned me on to it several years ago.  The size can be fished inland lakes extremely well, and some areas on the big lakes.  Inside Brest Bay this time of the year for an example.  Here is a smaller size for the inland lakes in Flo. Orange.

Its a misconception that you need to fish with 3/4 and 1 oz jigs all the time on the Detroit River.  Often 1/2 oz will catch more fish than the big boys, but the conditions have to be right.  These Gum-Ball jigs can be dressed with a large shiner, or a twister tail grub.

The Whistler Jig is one of my favorite walleye jigs for the river and Erie.  These are 3/4 oz, and in this case I do like a heavier jig for the river because the blades cause resistance in the current.  These are pretty good colors, although my favorite is probably the white color.   I don’t know what is about pink, but the fish sure seem to like it.  Gold is always good, and black works really well on overcast days.

Hookin’ Eyes on Ebay: Lindy Jigs

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

There was barely anything under Lindy jigs on Ebay this morning.  The Fuzz E Grub is a good jig for walleye in rivers and inland lakes.  These are the 1/8th and 1/4 oz sizes, and good colors to choose from.

Hookin’ Eyes on Ebay: Hair Jigs

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

One of the popular methods of fishing for walleye this time of the year is tossing “hair jigs”.  I really didn’t find too much in my search on Ebay this time.  There is one seller with a fair selection on two different auctions for $9.99 on 8 jigs.  Small wonder that the seller is from Rockwood, Michigan.  Of course folks in this area know the effectiveness of these jigs on Lake Erie.  They come complete with stinger hooks rigged up.  You can rig these with large shiners or Berkley Gulp .

The first batch includes green, chartruse, purple and either white or glow.  Can’t quite figure that out, but guessing white.  Either would be good choices.

The second batch has 4 really sharp looking purple head with pink hair jigs.    The second group of 4 is mostly chartruse, but the jighead looks like it has a bad case of measles.

Hookin’ Eyes on Ebay: Reef Runner

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Reef Runner’s popularity must be limited to the Midwest region because there were only 11 items during this search on Ebay.

First off is the Ripshad, these lures are limited I think to basically fishing the smaller inland lakes, like Houghton (tip up town fame).  There are two sizes, and the larger of the two are more effective on the big water than the smaller sized ones.  These are the 400 series, the larger of the two, the smaller ones are 200′s.  Love the “Cheap Sunglasses” color, not only for catching fish, but my fav ZZ Top song. Hmm, well right up there with “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers,  and I’m Bad/I’m Nationwide”.  Fine, I like all old ZZ Top before Eliminator came out!

These are the Ripsticks , a shallow running bait that is popular for getting in close during the spring while the eyes are running shallow.  These are not my favorite colors to choose from, but the Chrome/Blue at the far right is an excellent color choice.

Next, you have the deep running baits, and they come in two sizes as well.  The 800 series does seem to better in the spring while the big girls are in town.  I like running them on my far outside board, so on the retrieve they can come in under the 600 series.  I see some of the better purple and perch patterns in these two lots.  The rest I haven’t used.

More later……………