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Old Info stored in the Wallet, is now available on your Phone

Back in your dad’s or maybe your grandfather’s day, they used to keep all kinds of useful fishing information tucked away in their wallets.  Just simple notes about this or that would be hard to remember or perhaps the directions … Continue reading

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Beat the Heat with a Cooling Towel

Have you ever been out on Erie on a day, much like today, and there is barely a breeze and the temperatures just keep going up and up? I have too and by not doing anything I could tell that … Continue reading

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Sponsors Pull Out of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show

In response to the show organizers not allowing sales of so called “black guns”, major sponsors and celebrity speakers have pulled out of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Here is an excellent post by fellow blogger … Continue reading

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MI-OH Sportfishing Show Ad from the Toledo Blade

Come and see us Saturday and Sunday, and stop by the booth.

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Fishing is a Disease, this picture proves it!!!!!

It is plain to see that I, and others truly do suffer from…….

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The Right Snap for the Job

Not even going to get into which snap and swivel combination is the best, but for today, just looking at the different types of  snaps that work best in certain situations.  It is not really all that complicated of an … Continue reading

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So Your Kid Wants to be a Bug Slinger: getting started in fly fishing

Christmas is over, and you got your kid all the gear necessary to get started in fly fishing, or did you? What does it take to get started in a whole new way to land fish?  First off, an idea … Continue reading

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2010 Block Party in the Books

Another fun filled Saturday was had by all, and as Monday rolled around the back is feeling a bit better.  That is the price to be paid by your favorite local angler when he has the Ida neighbors over to help … Continue reading

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Perch Fishing: Got Minnows Left Over?

Ever been perch fishing and had minnows left over?  It could have been a day where the perch were not cooperating, or perhaps the weather changed quickly and you had to get off the water fast.  Either way, its a … Continue reading

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U.P. Scenery Shots

How can you go up to the Upper Peninsula and not glory in the natural surroundings? Once you get passed this sign, have the camera ready.  Too bad you just can’t stop on the bridge and start snapping away. Copyright … Continue reading

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