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St. Croix at the 2012 Chicago Muskie Show (Video)

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Check out this video with Promotions Manager Rich Belanger, while he explains the latest in rod tech on the Legend Muskie rod series.

The Moon and Big Fish

Monday, August 22nd, 2011


Looks like for the first time during the past two years or so, the moon will be cooperating at the end of August into the beginning of September for some some fine pike and muskie fishing.

August Moon Phases

September Moon Phases

If anyone ever laughed at the notion of the moon ever having anything to do with the quality of fishing one will have the following day…well the polite thing would be to say, they just haven’t fished enough :)-

If the moon is full on a clear night, it will wreck the next day of fishing for a lakes predator species.  They will be up all night hunting for a meal, versus their normal daytime routine of looking for a meal.  Perch, bluegill, and crappie (and even small walleye) will be trying to hide in any type of structure they can.

When this is the case, anglers must adjust their fishing times to match up with the big fishes mealtime schedule.  Its ok to fish for panfish during the day, they will be hungry, but if pike and muskie are what you are after, its a different story!  Be on the water an hour or two before dark, mark some good spots where you have seen fish, or even where you think they might be, and get ready to fish for a couple of hours at least past the setting sun!

Topwater baits are fun during this time, fish will react quickly to noise on the surface.  Sub-surface baits are also a good choice for fishing in the twilight, anything that will provide a silhouette against the moon’s light.  Also, the erratic action will provide vibration for the fish to hone in on.


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Muskie Show coming to Monroe this Weekend

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011


The Michigan Muskie Show is coming to Monroe this weekend at the Monroe Bank and Trust Expo Center at the county fairgrounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow the show from their website, or if you are Facebook they have a page established, as well. Just search Michigan Muskie Show

Fall Pike and Muskie Fishing….

Monday, October 18th, 2010

…..means it is toothy critter time.

Fall, like spring is perhaps the best time for fishing in our great state.  Perhaps more so because we know that the ice will not be long in coming. So while many will be climbing up into their tree stands or hunkering down in their blinds, many more of us will be chasing the elusive members of the Esox family.

Perhaps not so elusive during this period of the year, because as the air and water temps begin to drop, these fish like many others will be putting on the feedbag and building up the fat supplies in their bodies to get them through the long winter months.

Big stick and minnow baits are good choices to get the job done out on the local lakes and waters where the big fish are. If you don’t have any of these bigger baits, make ‘em loud n proud.  Something with rattles  and a lot of wobble can call a big fish in from a good distance away, and peak their interest.  Hudson Lake is a good choice for catching some nice muskie, and one of the best local areas for Northerns would be Devils Lake out in Irish Hills.

Now all the fish can’t be monsters, every once in a while you catch a lil one, but they still can be worthy of a pic just due to their colors and markings.

Course, you could tie into a big one too.

There are no golden rules, remember to vary your speeds, and check the different depths.  But, as the temps go down, the fish will come up into the shallows to feed early in the morning and later in the evenings!  Then its wait for the wake and game on!

Witch Tape and Willow Blades

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Sometimes you just have to try something when it seems like everyone is using a trick to catch walleyes, giving willow blades a shot isn’t any different.  Now its not entirely new to the scene, in fact willows have become popular over the past 6 years with the tournament anglers I know, but really have just hit their stride the last two years for anglers hitting the big waters on the weekend.

I am a do it yourself nut, and if I can take something and make it better than it was originally, and save a few bucks in the process, I am all over it.  I prefer the term frugal, but if you want to call me cheap, go for it. 

In the picture below I took some standard #4.5 silver willow blades.  The key is not to skimp on the metal, get your silvers, golds and coppers (when you can find them).  Skip the nickels and brass blades, the shine just isn’t there.  Now comes the fun part, creating your own designs with WTP’s Decorator Tape.  You can buy right online.


You get three sheets per package online for only $2.29.  Its plenty of tape get several blades finished in whatever patterns you want to try.  If something is working like on a crankbait, spoon or diver, and I can create the same scheme on a blade I will do it.

I took several colors available in Witch Tape’s “crushed” ice series and got to work last night on these designs.  In the top left of the pic, I made a “crushed ice” pink lemonade.  I used pink, flo. yellow and transparent stips and cut them to fit my willow blade.

Just using a pair of  standard scissors laying around the house,  I laid them out on the blade, and trimmed around the edges as I went.  First the pink, the flo. yellow and finally the transparent which allows the silver to shine through on the belly of the blade.

For the bottom left corner I took a green crushed tape and that same transparent tape and copied one of my favorite colors for walleye while ice fishing.  Actually have tried several spoons in open water while trolling with good success as well.  So why not create a similar pattern for my willow blades?  What works, simply just works.

Over in the top right corner, I have to have my yellow and orange combination.  Its a standard, when all else fails, these blades flat out produce fish.  Call it the red and white Daredeville of my walleye lures, old reliable.

On the bottom left corner of the pic are my cushed glow blades I have made up.  I love glow lures for walleye fishing.  Early…EARLY… in the morning or later in the evening hours, these blades produce.  They will catch fish during the day, but really shine early before the sun comes up fully, or as she is setting down in the west.


Do not limit  yourself to just the walleye world if you want to dress up some of your blades.  Look at your bass, pike and muskie spinnerbaits.  Enhance their colors to match up with their skirts or hair bodies.  Match the hatch!

MI DNR: New Muskie Proposals

Friday, April 10th, 2009

This is the address for the muskie fishing/population proposal, and the email address below.

Spearing Ice Season Extended

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Part of the ruling that came down along with the new three rod limit anywhere in the state, also included an immediate extension of Michigan’s winter spearing season.

Pike and Muskie spearing now will last from December 1st through March 15th. Check your local regulations in the DNR handbook as far as spearing muskie goes.

Time to go shopping: 3 rods approved

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Was checking the DNR website, and looked up the proposed 3 rods for use anywhere in Michigan. So, starting April 1st, this new regulation will go into effect. Bring on Spring! BUT, still hoping for a long winter on the ice. There have been some additional changes, and below I have posted the announcement taken from the DNR website. Only question now, is where do I put the extra rod holders on the boat!

New Fishing Regulations Expand Opportunities, Limit Smelt Harvest
Contact: Todd Grischke 517-373-1280
Agency: Natural Resources

Nov. 7, 2008
Michigan anglers will have several new opportunities, but also will face a new restriction, because of fishing regulation changes approved at the Nov. 6 Natural Resources Commission meeting in Lansing.

Department of Natural Resources Director Rebecca Humphries signed fisheries orders that extend the spearing season through the ice for pike and muskellunge in certain waters, extend the whitefish spearing season on the Great Lakes and connecting waters, allow all anglers to use three rods, and establish a two-gallon limit on smelt.

The spearing season for pike and muskie will now run from Dec. 1-March 15, instead of just January and February and the whitefish spearing season will now be open year-round. The new seasons are the result of legislation enabling the DNR to set spearing regulations. These regulations take immediate effect.

Anglers have been allowed to use three rods when fishing for salmon on the Great Lakes for a number of years, but were restricted to two rods elsewhere and when pursuing other species in the Great Lakes. A survey of anglers showed overwhelming public support for three rods. The new regulation, which takes effect April 1, 2009, allows anglers to use three rods on all waters and in pursuit of all species, though the DNR retains the authority to reduce the rule to two rods if necessary.

The two-gallon limit on smelt, which historically have been unregulated, is designed to prevent waste during periods of high abundance and offer some protection to smelt as an important forage and sport species. The limit applies to both dip-net and hook-and-line anglers. This new regulation also takes effect April 1, 2009.

Fall Toothy Critters

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Been talking so much lately about Perch,  it made me think of how we use them in the Upper for bait for Pike and Muskie.  Which for some reason made me think of minnow baits, which led me to the fall bite.  Don’t worry, I am still trying to follow my own logic sometimes.

Fall is when I really switch over my baits to the larger minnow type lures.  Large Rap Floaters, Shad Raps, Ernies and Lil’ Ernies, Grandma’s of all sizes, Believers….etc.  The waters are cooling off, and it seems like the slow n’ steady approach of a minnow lure catches more fish this time of the year.

Its feeding time for these big fish, time to put on the winter fat for what could be a long cold winter.  I know, I don’t believe that global warming garbage either.  All idicators point to a very cold winter, hopefully with lots of ice.  Can you tell I am thinking ice fishing already????

So these big ol’ fish are looking for easy meals, sometimes BIG easy meals.  With the colder temps at night, and even though these fish are cold water fish,  they don’t feel expending a whole lot of energy to get their meals.  Do not be hesitant about throwing some mid-sized muskie lures while fishing for pike.  Two years ago, one of my 37 inchers came on a 9 inch Suick (Jerkbait).

Jerkbaits, and even topwater baits are also good choices this time of the year. Love the XL Jitterbug for topwater baits.  Suicks and Cisco’s are good jerkbaits to use as well.

Locally you can head for Lake Hudson for some nice muskie, or now that all the jet ski or personal watercraft are off of Devil’s Lake (Manitou Beach) there are some pretty healthy northerns to be had over there as well!

Pike and Muskie Locations

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Well this is the first blog in a while, not sure how I picked up the flu last week,  but here goes.

When fall comes around the corner,  the big fish are starting to bite.  Looking for their winter stores of nutrition, the fish really turn on. When hitting a new lake, there are certain areas that an angler can key on that will more than likely hold fish.

Look for inlets and outlets in the lake.  Current attracts the bigger fish because of the cooling effect and oxygen levels.  Its also stirs things up, which brings in bait to feed, and drawing in the big fish.



Look for points that either drop off or have small flats before the bottom plunges down.  Not sure if you can make out the difference in the water shades, but this point had a nice drop.

Point an drop


Also, be aware of any changes in the weather patterns.  A sudden front coming can make a big difference in the mood of the fish.



If you follow some simple indicators,  chances are you can find nice fish too.  Have no idea why this pic came out so small, but you get the idea.