“…well fed and in the bed…

…the garlic bulbs that is. Today we mulched our garlic beds. The raised beds we have for vegetable production measure about 5’x9′. Five pounds of garlic bulbs plant six of these beds exactly. We used wheat straw about 6′”-8″ deep to cover these six beds. Four moderately heavy bales did the trick. By the way, these bales of straw were of the most beautiful golden wheat color I have seen in a long time. In a way it was amost a shame to use them for mulch, but that’s what they’re there for. The bright color ensures that we don’t import a new batch of weed seeds from weed stalks that could have been baled up out in the field by the farmer along with the straw. Straw that has lots of different color stems in the bale more than likely are contaminated with weeds.
If you promise not to tell anyone, I”ll let you know the secret to growing super size and delicious garlic. So just let me know if you can “keep it under your hat”, by writing me a short note in the comment section that you like garlic.

Well, now that the garlic bulbs are all tucked in their beds for the winter, I think I’m going to have lunch and take a nap. Bob

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  1. Garlic? I’m like Emeril when it comes to garlic! I use garlic powder only when necessary, like on top of a good chicken-noodle soup. Otherwise, I use either freshly-chopped or from the large Spice World jar of minced garlic in the refrigideezer. My oldest son’s godfather, being a certified Master Gardener, was for a while Head of Judging at the Genesee County State Fair north of Flint. He could grow garlic like you describe, right next to the 300-head cabbage bed he had specifically for making real sauerkraut.

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