Figs in the South of Italy…or Michigan?

All of the snow we’ve been having has chased us indoors. That’s OK though, our indoors is a greenhouse.

It was so dark and dreary today that I turned on the high intensity grow lights during the middle of the morning and kept them on all day. The light really helps to improve one’s general mood.

I found something in the south end of the greenhouse that you may “get a kick” out of…figs!

These are Kadota figs from Stark Brothers Nursery:

Fig tree

The fig trees were delivered last spring as small seedlings but grew very fast and produced fruit by the end of the summer. That first flush of fruit fell off and we didn’t get to pick any figs.

We let the trees get frosted in the fall then brought them in before the weather really got cold. They dropped their leaves, so I stopped watering for a while to let them go dormant. I started watering them again in early December, if I remember correctly.

Now that spring has arrived, they have begun setting fruit again. The fruit is already larger than it was last summer.

Figs in April

So between the grow lights and the figs, I can imagine I’m in the south of Italy while I’m working!


2 thoughts on “Figs in the South of Italy…or Michigan?”

  1. Hi Judy & Bob! My name is Sarah and I stumbled upon your great blog while doing some research here at Stark Bro’s. I wanted to thank you for sharing the lovely photos of your figs, and express my delight reading through your blog! 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah,
    We’re glad you enjoyed reading our blog and hope you come back again soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We always appreciate hearing from our readers.
    Bob and Judy

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