Potted Plants

A big part of our time spent gardening involves containers, that is, growing plants in pots.

Containers are an effective way to accent a part of the landscape or add plants to an area that has no soil.

In this photo we have an example of an area that was in need of plants but had no soil. It is an area near a building with a drive way running pretty much right up against the wall.

Pots of plants against a bare building wall

There is a narrow concrete strip about two feet wide between the asphalt and the building. This is where we put the pots. Pots of English Ivy are set up on a small ledge up under the eaves and allowed to grow down.

The plant in the center with the large green leaves is “Elephant Ears” (Colacasia). It makes a dramatic visual statement even though it has no flowers.

To the left is a Canna variety “Roi Humbert”. It too can be spectacular when grown in a pot. Roi Humbert has bright red flowers that bloom all summer in addition to its reddish foliage.

You can see the difference these containers make in an area where people drive by every day.

This is only a part of the area around this particular building that has been visually improved with potted plants. Next time we’ll see some more of these plants and discuss them in some detail.


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