Annual Plant Migration

It’s supposed to get colder later this week. That means its time to start moving in some of the potted plants we intend to over-winter.

Some of those plants that can be seen here include (from left to right):

Valencia orange tree, Hibiscus, Brugmansia, Asparagus Fern (barely visible), Bird of Paradise (on cart), Colocasia (Elephant Ears) and Olive Tree.

Moving potted plants

Most of the plants I’m moving today can be over-wintered in someone’s house. Some of them would need special conditions such as a bright, sunny, south window; for example the Orange tree, Brugmansia, Hibiscus and Olive. By the way, the Hibiscus and Brugmansia can both be pruned back to fit the space you have in your house… that’s what I’m planning to do.

The Asparagus Fern and Bird-of-Paradise would probably do fine in average light.

Colacasia does fine under somewhat lower light conditions, however, if you don’t have the room, you can simply store the tuber (root) like a sweet potato in a cool but not freezing dark spot.

There are still plenty more plants out here to move into the greenhouse!


2 thoughts on “Annual Plant Migration”

  1. Gosh, I guess it is that time again. I had better get busy. I see you are. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I was just thinking. I know your blog is very popular. And I am sure you have a loyal reader base. I would like to read some of your readers’ comments, too. What say you out there?

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