Is Your Jade Plant Thisty?

This time of the year it’s very easy to over-water house plants.

There is a lot less light in the winter,so most  plants including Jade Plants, will not be as actively photosynthesizing and won’t need as much water.

Over-watering has symptoms similar to under-watering.
When you give a plant too much water, it can cause the roots to become water logged and eventually die back. When the plant loses its roots, it can’t take up enough water, hence, the apparent symptom of not enough water. The well-meaning person taking care of the plant gives it even more water making the problem worse.

A Jade Plant  is able to store water in its fleshy leaves and stems. When it dries out to the point of needing water, the leaves become soft and flexible.

If you think your Jade plant needs water, gently squeeze a leaf or two.

Jade Plant

If it feel soft, it needs water. If it’s still firm, which in the horticulture trade is called turgid, no water is needed. The plant shown above needs no water, the leaf feels pretty firm.

Dry Jade Plant

This next plant’s leaves are soft and flexible, that means this plant needs water.

This squeeze-the-leaf  method works only on Jade Plants and other plants with similar fleshy leaves such as sedums and aloe.

Enjoy your indoor gardening!


52 Responses to “Is Your Jade Plant Thisty?”

  1. rdluzen says:

    Hi Madlyn, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, you caught me on vacation. You are on the right track with your idea about pulling the roots apart to separate them into two. Before resorting to breaking the pots, get someone to help you turn the pots upside down. Then gently tap the rim of the pot on the edge of a table. That often loosens the roots so the plant slides out of the pot. Make sure you or your helper catches the plant if happens to come loose. I would also add, after you get the plants separated, let them dry for a day or two before you replant them.
    For your aloes, follow the directions in the blog post.
    Best of luck too you.Bob

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