Homemade Maple Syrup

Yes it is possible to make maple syrup at home. You don’t need a horse drawn sled and a sugar shack out in the woods to make your own maple syrup.

A few simple tools are all that is needed,  some of which you probably already have in your workshop or garage.

I knew some neighbors when I was growing up that made small batches of maple syrup in their kitchen at home.  They didn’t have a grove of maple trees or “sugar bush”   from which to collect maple sap.  All they did was tap the maple trees out in their backyard.  Every year a gallon or two was made.

One gallon is a lot of maple syrup. Consider the cost of a small 4 oz. bottle of maple syrup and you can see why it might be tempting to make your own.

The recipe for maple syrup is simple.  Step 1: Collect sap;   Step 2: Boil sap until it turns into maple syrup.  That’s basically all there is to it. Because there are a few other things to keep in mind while making maple syrup I have posted on my other web site an older pamphlet entitled Homemade Maple Syrup.

Even if you are not planning on making maple syrup this year this publication still contains a lot of interesting information to ponder and is only a couple of pages long.

If you can’t make your own maple syrup I encourage you stop by one of many roadside stands or farmer’s markets that sell locally produced maple syrup.

I’ll close by wishing you “sweet dreams”. 🙂