Where’s Your Deer Head Hanging?

Most hunters, in there quest for the “big one”, never stop to think what they will do with “him” once he’s on the game pole.  Say you, or one of your friends, shoot a really nice buck.  It’s almost a given that your friendly neighborhood taxidermist will get a visit.  The blessed hunter must decide if it’s worth $350.00 dollars to put old “mossy horns” on the wall.   What alot of guys don’t think about is- will momma let  me hang that critter in “her” house?  I’ve seen it happen time and time again where that beautiful specimen (or work of art) ends up in the garage or shed.  Guys if you don’t have a “trophy room/family room” to call your own, don’t even think about laying out those hard earned dollars for your once in a lifetime trophy!  I’m here to tell ya most women are not going to allow you to bring that “thing” into her domain.

To me what’s even more of a shame is when you see one of these hard won bucks in a garage sale.  It’s only a matter of time before your “dream buck” goes from the garage wall to the garage sale.  In order to get rid of it now you have to almost give it away, and unless the poor sap buying it has his own sanctuary he’ll soon have it in his own garage sale!

Believe it or not there is a selective market for discarded animal mounts.  Some guys (like my brother Randy) have a whole barn to call there own.  He has a gorgeous “macho type” room covering the whole upstairs of a very large barn type garage/storage area.  He is the envy of his 5 brothers.  Anyway Randy will buy deer heads or horns and transform them into various works of art suitable for a cabin or outdoorsmens haven.  Other guys like to get ahold of the deer horns for knife making purposes.  Antlers make beautiful knife handles.  Then there is the taxidermist who will buy the biggest and the best of these garage sale bargins.  He’ll take them to his stuido and recycle them.  They’ll look like brand new when he gets done with them, and are now ready to be “resold.”  Either a guy who has never, and will never shoot a nice buck of his own, or some type of outdoor paraphernalia collector will pay “big bucks” (pun intended) for these giants.  Thus the whole cycle is repeated and the economy gets a boast.

So thats one way to look at it when you finally get that big buck on the ground.  Go ahead and lay out the initial wad of cash.  Enjoy looking at your deer head on the garage wall for a couple years.  Then at your wives request put it in a garage sale and help get this country’s economy going again.  It will make you feel good (almost!)


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