Dogs From The Past

PhotobucketThis is my very first dog “skippy!” Actually I don’t remember much about the dog, except for the dog poop we had to dodge while playing in the back yard. Our next dog was a cocker spaniel named “blondie,” by my mother. I don’t remember an awful lot about her either, except for the day she died. We were playing outside our apartment, and blondie was chained to her dog house. I remember my mother was doing laundry in the basement, when suddenly the dog started barking and jumping all over the place. One of the neighborhood boys got too close, and Blondie tried to bite him. My mom heard all the commotion, and came upstairs to find the dog foaming at the mouth, and barking it’s head off. A couple of the neighbors came around, and they cautioned everyone to stay clear of the “mad” dog! My dad was at work, but just across the street, from our apartment, was a Justice of the Peace office. There happened to be a state trooper in the driveway, and one of the neighbors went over and got him. After checking things out he said the dog was dangerous, and he’d have to shoot him. The trooper made us all stand back, and right there before my 6-year old eyes he shot our dog! I’d never heard a pistol go off at close range, and I certainly never had something I loved , shot and killed, while I, my mother, and my brothers watched helplessly. It was quite traumatic for us all, and my dad was pretty upset when he got home. My dad didn’t think that was the way for the police to handle the situation, and I remember him going over to the J.P.’s office, next time a state trooper was there, to give them a piece of his mind!

It took us awhile to get another dog, but our next one was just what we needed. My dad picked the runt, from a litter of English setter/Irish setter mix puppies. She became family, and was with us for almost 14 wonderful years. Not only was she the best bird dog in Monroe County, she was a watch dog, and friend to boot. Her name was “Flopsey” and one of these days I’m going to devote a couple blogs to that “once in a lifetime” dog.


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  1. Arthur says:

    I would think that definitely wasn’t the way for that Trooper to handle the situation.

    I do love dogs. I am such a softy for them that I debated even getting a dog for a long time because I just can’t handle when they pass away. I’m not sure what it is, but I just get so darn attached that it is hard.

    We did rescue our latest dog though, and despite him being a touch crazy from time to time, he is awesome and I’m looking forward to my kid(s) being able to grow up with him.

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