Don’t Tick Me Off

We are fast approaching a season that can literally “tick” you off! I’m talking about (Ixodes spp.) or deer tick! The deer tick is the major source of lyme disease in the United States, with 43 states reporting cases, including Michigan. Up till 2006, 186 known Lyme disease cases have been documented here in our state. The actual disease comes from the whitefooted mouse, which the tick nymph attaches itself to.  The tick then lives off the “host” mouse for about a year. In the spring, those that have reached adulthood, climb onto leaves, ferns, and branches waiting for an unsuspecting warm body to pass by! That’s where you, or even your dog, comes into contact with these lyme disease carriers.

In 2004 and 2005 I turkey hunted around Channing in the Upper Peninsula, and the ticks were the worst I have ever experienced! One day after “tromping” over hill and dale, I shook over 40 ticks off my cloths. My son-in-law did likewise. When we got back to the cabin, we had to do a tick search before we showered. There were several more embedded in our skin that needed to be removed. I used to think that a hot match or rubbing alcohol would make the little “buggers” back out, but that’s not so. The only accepted way to remove a tick is with a tweezers, or similar devise. Gently pull the tick out, and try to make sure you get the head, and it doesn’t break off under your skin. If the head doesn’t come with the tick, you may want to call your Dr. and have him put you on an antibiotic. Make sure you check your hair, and anyplace there is soft tender skin, and have a partner check the places you cannot see.

Lyme disease is nothing to “trifle” with, as in about 20% of cases, lifelong effects can be quite serious. Rob Kress, who used to be the channel 7 news weatherman, contacted the disease while on a camping trip many years ago. He was one of the ones that suffered kidney and heart problems, and his life has been permanently changed. So do you and your family a favor this year, and make a “tick check” part of your daily routine when spending time outdoors. That way you’ll be sure not to get “ticked off!”

7 Responses to “Don’t Tick Me Off”

  1. Arthur says:

    Very good advice. Thank god I’ve never had an real serious encounters with them. I am much more aware of them now though and do check.

  2. James K. says:

    I’ve had chronic Lyme Disease for about four years now and never seen the tick that did the dirty work, I’ve been do’ing alot of research on the matter and have read in many places that do’ing a tick search is only about 20% effective! You might look into this, the ticks are small, Larval ticks can be as small as the period at the end of this sentence.

  3. James K. says:

    A female tick can lay from 2000 to 4000 eggs!! No joke!

  4. James K. says:

    (Hunting with Mike) Comment; “Don’t tick me off” Post # 248
    Hello Mike! This is in reply to the questions that you emailed me, well the first thing is I’m not to good on the computer and with out Yahoo spellcheck you will have to forgive my spelling, memory and cognitive difficulties are part of the Lyme Disease symptoms.
    I’m sorry that I did’nt fill you in on my location. I’m from Concord, New Hampshire and as you should know, the north east is suffering from a terrible Lyme Disease pandemic. (I can understsnd if you are not aware of this becouse the media and the government for that matter seems to be sweeping this story under the rug!! I’t a shame that so many people are suffering and little is being done to improve the quality of care!
    As I wrote before in response to your article, I’ve read in a few places that checking yourself or others is only about 20% effective in prevention and the article/book said that bug spray is only around 30% or so effective.
    I’m not sure if they considered skin & clothing spray in there research, I would say to use both & tucking in socks ect. I know that the use of bug spray while hunting is taboo to most hunters but if you are too sick from LD the next year, than it will be close to impossible to do that deer hunt.
    I’ve missed out on hunting becouse of Lyme Disease when in the past I went hunting with the flu.
    If LD is treated early there can be a good outcome and full recovery, when it is Missdiognosed and the organism has a chance to multiply and migrate through the body, muscles, joints, nervous system and brain, basically everything including sex drive! oh no, not that!! it has no mercy.
    I’ve had chronic LD for close to four years now, I went from being very productive to being able to work less and less untill last year I could work no more and trying to get assistance is heartbreaking and next to impossible when the state is so #$%$%#g ignorant about this debilitating illness, “If you look healthy you are healthy” mentallity!!?
    I’ve been interviewed by a nurse from THE STATE OF NH. HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES (the state dept that is responsible to notify and edjucate on these matters)sorry about spelling! well this nurse did’nt do any research on LD, I had alot of trouble remembering dates and names so she wrote that I had a “low average intelligence” she should have picked up on the fact that LD has caused cognitive neurological symptoms.
    the list of symptoms will fill a page. If one does a search online into Lyme Disease there is months worth of reading but start with the basics, IE. symptoms A good place to start is:

    Mike, if there is anything that I can help you with please email me.
    I really like the idea of a follow up blog!!! Anything to help spread the word.I can introduce you to a Conneticut Lyme activist who has done some great pollitical changes in the state that has been hit the worst.
    email me and give me a link so I can give you my phone # so we can talk.
    Thanks for your time and interest Jim K.

  5. Don Clay says:

    “The Safest and Most Reliable Tick removal device on the Planet”
    You can find it at
    Tell um Don sent you

  6. mike ansel says:

    Don thanks for the information. I went to the tick key web web site, and saw a most ingenious little devise. I will be doing another tick blog in the future, and will give this tool a plug!

  7. Really nice post, thank you