Worlds Dumbest Violator

Chris James, from Horton Michigan, shot a giant of a whitetail this past October.  Chris shot a 24 point non-typical buck while hunting his favorite swamp in Jackson county with his compound bow.  Preliminary reports stated that Chris’s buck could possibly be a new state record for bow-bagged bucks!  From that point on, details of this mysterious deer, dried up like a pot-hole on the prairie!  Rumors began to circulate that something was “rotten in Denmark” concerning the deer being legally harvested.

I found out a few days ago that the Department of Natural Resources completed an investigation on this whole matter, and Chris is now getting more P.R. about his deer!  It no doubt is not the type of publicity he was hoping for, as this past Monday Chris pleaded guilty to various game law violations.

When Chris shot the buck on October 24th. it was the “buzz” of the community, and the local paper did a write up on Chris’s good fortune.  It seems that Chris did not have a license , at the time, so next day he purchased one.  When the interviews, royalties, and endorsement offers started rolling in, I guess Chris wanted to make sure the “record” showed he was “legal!”  Little did he know that conservation officers can add, subtract, and even multiply!  When a team of agents did a check on the computerized license records, it showed James had purchased his license a day after his newspaper interview.

Chris was sentenced to five days in jail, and ordered to pay $1000.00 dollars to the state wildlife fund.  He also had to pay a $300.00 fine to the county, and of course had the deer confiscated!  Chris went from famous to infamous, from money rolling in-to money going out, from a Michigan hunting legend-to being just another dumb violator.  To bad Chris I really wanted to believe the best about you and your great fortune.  Sure wish you would of done it “RIGHT!”


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  1. This story has shown up in a lot of places. It really is amazing how fast someone can go from being celebrated to being notorious. Still, it was his own fault. He should have bought a license and, as you said, done things “right”.

  2. Arthur says:

    I did a post about this gentleman as well. A poacher is a poacher. It is too bad he didn’t do things “right”

  3. Phillip says:

    Yupp… I believe I awarded Mr. James the first ever Hog Blog “Adam Henry” award!

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