Richard P. Smith Writer Extraordinar

There probably isn’t a hunter in Michigan that doesn’t know the name of Richard P. Smith.  He is one of the premier outdoor writers in our great state, and has a reputation of the man to see, if you want to know about “black bears!”  He writes for numerous outdoor publications, and I had the honor to meet him at “The Michigan Deer Spectacular” in Lansing one year.  He seemed very cordial, and our similar interest in bear hunting, ruled our conversation.  I think Richard would be a great guy to have in camp, not only because of his wealth of knowledge, but because of all the stories he has stored away in his memory bank!  Incidentally Richard  also has many whitetail bucks and black bear trophies under his belt, and is as good of a hunter, as he is a writer.

I recently read an article in Woods-N-Water- News about Matt Wheelers Boone and Crockett 13 point, that he arrowed in Berrien county.  Richard P. Smith wrote the article, and as usual he gives you all the facts, and details of Matt’s 2007 best Michigan typical bow kill.  Any time you see Richards name as a writer or contributor to a story, do yourself a favor and read it.  Michigan outdoorsmen and women are richer by far because of men like Mr. Smith, who’s contributions to all aspects of outdoor recreation, has helped insure a heritage for future generations.  I for one “tip” my hat to Richard P. Smith, and say God bless you, and thank you for enriching our  great state of Michigan.


3 Responses to “Richard P. Smith Writer Extraordinar”

  1. Arthur says:

    I have read a lot of different things that he has written. A great, great writer.

  2. Tom Sorenson says:

    I’ve not had the privilege (that I know of) of reading one of his articles, but you’ve interested me enough, I’m going to go find some and read them. It’s nice to meet a writer who is as good a person in real life as we hoped they were as we read their great stories! Too often, I hear stories that end the other way around.

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