Camp Pancakes “Anytime”

The sun is shining here in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and things are looking good for our day at Six Flags. My wife and daughter are out “jogging” and the three amigos are trying their best to wake up. My grandson Logan just informed me that “I” am making pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes, you see, are an old Ansel tradition that dates back to our deer camp days with my dad. Dad always made pancakes from “scratch” and crispy bacon, milk, and orange juice were always part of the fare. Usually we would wake up, as the smell of pancakes and bacon lured us to the huge table we’d gather around for meals. Log cabin syrup or good old Mrs. Butterworth were liberally poured over everyones “stack!” Of course as with every hunting camp crew there has to be a wierd one. One of my brothers would forgo the syrup and put sugar and milk on his pancakes. Actually I’v tried them like that, and there not bad. Anyway I have the old camp recipe, and my kids, and grandkids love it. My wife brought some sausage over with us,as we planned on doing the pancake thing over the weekend. I’ve got four hungry “camper” yelling at me to get things going in the kitchen, so I better start “mixing!” I made myself hungry just thinking about “dads” pancakes being stacked on my plate in just a few more minutes. Mike

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  1. Arthur says:

    Yum! Sounds great Mike. I love traditions like that and associating certain foods with certain people. Very cool!

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