Pancakes and Bacon Yum-Yum

Pancakes and bacon don’t last very long around my grandkids.  It’s every man, women, boy, and girl for themselves when it comes to “hot-off-the- griddle” flapjacks when were on vacation.  Nadia and her little sister McKenzie were the early birds on this batch, and they dove in without any coaxing.  If you snooze you may loose-a pancake or two that is!

Nothing smells better to me than the coffee brewing, bacon sizzling, and pancakes turning golden brown on the griddle early in the morning.  You would think with that aroma drifting through the cabin, everyone would be up-and-adam, but there is usually a slacker or two.   After a couple of times of having to settle for the tail-end of my homemade recipe, sleepy-heads start getting up earlier!

My wife puts all the dry ingredients together before we leave.  The buttermilk, eggs, oil, and vanilla are added just before we mix everything all together.  It’s much more efficient that way, and makes far less mess.  Bon-a-petite.


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  1. Arthur says:

    Looks good. What kid can turn down pancakes? I’m no kid, but I want some too.

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