Camp Musings

The top photo is of Derek’s nice brookie, or is it? Greg Baldwin said he thought it was a brown, but I looked at the mounted brookie’s and brown’s at Cabela’s and I still think it’s a brook trout. Help me out here all you fish experts. Greg works for the federal fishery division, and knows what he’s talking about, but I need someone to explain the difference to me so I don’t feel so “dumb” next time I’m staring at one or the other! It’s a beautiful fish nomatter, and worthy of my frying pan anyday!

The below picture is of some of the beautiful country we are privileged to hunt around camp. You are seriously in the wilds when you can bear hunt, see eagles, spot wolf tracks, and catch fish that heave never seen a lure, not to mention being serenaded by coyotes in the evening. I did get a picture of a large wolf track and I’m going to try and add it to this post.

Eight more days till deer opener!


One Response to “Camp Musings”

  1. Tom Sorenson says:

    Great photos, Mike! And I’m with you – that fish is a brookie – the spots seem to have a light circle around them, which brookies have and browns do not. Anyways, that’s my opinion!

    Would love to spend some time back in Michigan some late summer/fall – a guy gets too used to seeing the same country – it’s good to see some new country!