Michigan’s “Little Wolves”

This is what happens when an “unfortunate coyote” crosses paths with my brother Randy.  In Michigan a small game license is needed to harvest coyote’s, and believe me they are plentiful.  We saw two others, but didn’t get a shot at them due to thick cover.  We knew we had others around us, as we could hear them “howl” most every evening at camp.

There used to be a $25.00 dollar bounty on these “little wolves” but that was dropped many years ago.  I think that kept them somewhat in check, but the population has exploded since those days.  It used to be rare to spot a coyote in Monroe county, but now it’s quite common.  Just a few years ago we had a den on my brother-in-laws 10 acres.  I’ve seen them in every part of the county, and one day saw a varmint sneaking up on a farmers group of barnyard chickens.  They take there share of pheasants, quail, and even fawns when available.  On several occasions we have had to wait overnight to track a wounded deer, only to find the coyotes had beat us to it, the next morning!  Twice we had deer hanging on the game pole, and in the morning the “hams” had all but disappeared!

I live in a country subdivision, but just a few houses over from me coyotes are seen on a regular basis.  This part of the subdivision backs up to a wooded area with a creek running through it, which makes for a great animal highway.  Coyotes are opportunistic and will make a meal of your pet cat or your small dog, if given the chance.  You sure don’t want to keep your pen of 4-H rabbits where Willy H. Coyote can “snack” on them.  I’m glad my brother was able to “gun down” one of these pesky varmints.   Randy’s like the “Road Runner,” Beep! Beep!


One Response to “Michigan’s “Little Wolves””

  1. Arthur says:

    Congrats to your brother. We definitely need to kill a lot more of those pesky critters. They are everywhere.