It’s Mine

Photobucket“Just wanted to show you a picture of my “new” used truck.  I drove it home last night, and had a smile on my face for 40 miles.  I have owned over 12 trucks in my life, and all but two, have been of the smaller variety.  I just seem to prefer them over the larger vehicles.  As you can see this one is in excellent shape, and I love the cap.  I already have plans for a “Sportspal” wide beam canoe for the top carrier.

I don’t have plates for it yet, so it’s going to sit for a few weeks.  Today I just went outside and stared at it, as I thought of all the fun and adventures that are in store for me and my TRUCK!  I appreciate the comments from Gary and Art, along with Brian (former owner of this little red beauty.)  You might say it’s a “man thing” but women of the outdoors are joining the ranks as well.  Long live the truck!


3 Responses to “It’s Mine”

  1. Arthur says:

    That’s a great looking truck, Mike. I’m sure you already feel like a man again:):)

  2. Grant says:

    Very nice…and welcome back! I on the other hand am still getting around in a car. But every once in a while I get to thinking about what my dream truck would be. Congrats Uncle Mike!

  3. gary says:

    Hey nice truck, one like that is worth waiting for. Like the color too, I’m a red man. My truck is red and my work car is red too. It’ll look good with a canoe on it.

    Have you been having trouble with the site Mike? I’ve been getting a ‘under construction’ page sometimes and other times it just wouldn’t come up. Hope thats all history.

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