Natures Beauty

PhotobucketPlease enjoy this picture of one of the most unique creatures you may ever feast your eye’s on.  This moose was seen right here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in Gogebic County close to the town of Marenisco.  It’s located about 20 miles north of the Wisconsin border.  There were two normal colored moose with a group of four moose and, believe it or not, two albino moose.  To see one albino is next to impossible, but seeing two of them together is beyond belief!

The two normal colored animals were slightly smaller than this rare white moose, which makes me think he may be a bull.  I don’t know much about moose, except they taste good, so maybe some of you experts have your own theory.  Come on Gary and Sussie help me out here.

I have another picture of the two white moose together, but it’s hard to tell the size of the other one.  In the midst of all the uncertainty and distress our country is going through It’s nice to know our Creator hasn’t lost His touch for inspiration!Photobucket

3 Responses to “Natures Beauty”

  1. Suzee says:

    That is a truly amazing sight!… Thanks for sharing.

  2. Suzee says:

    Mike- without horns I’m afraid you’d have to get pretty close to find out if they are bull or cow. The normal ones are so ugly they are beautiful, so then you see the albino and they are somethin else. Great pic’s.

  3. gary says:

    Sorry Mike, Suz’s was signed in and I didn’t notice – that last one was me.