This Is For The Birds

My brother in-law Pat has been seeing some coyote activity in his back alfalfa field, so two days ago I did a set-up.  I have an old rabbit hide that I put over a big spring that is welded to a metal base.  I have some 60-80 foot of wire that is attached to the spring.  When I call I’ll give the wire a tug and the rabbit (fur) moves for “special effects!”

I got over there yesterday morning about 45-minutes before daybreak.  I was totally concealed behind his Holland front end loader, and waited till I could see through my scope on my 22-mag.  When it was light enough to call I let loose with a series of distress rabbit calls, as I tugged on the wire, and got some movement from my decoy.  I had heard an owl hoot while it was still dark, but never dreamed he would attack my rabbit.  Sure enough he came swooping in, and if I didn’t have that wire wrapped around my rabbit hide, I would of gotten “skinned!”  Fur went flying in the air, but he came up empty clawed.  It must of rattled him somewhat cause he flew off, and I never saw him again.

About 20 minutes later a Red Tail Hawk comes flying over as I’m calling and making the rabbit move.  He lands in a tree about 60 yards away, and watches for several minutes, before he dive-bombs my poor old abused rabbit pelt.  He hit the spring and tumbled for a loop, squawking as loud as he could.  He jumped on the rabbit, but couldn’t budge all that metal.  He pecked at it a couple more times then flew off to ponder what just happened.

I never saw any coyotes, but enjoyed the morning just the same.  You never know just what will happen when you leave the confines of your house and venture into Gods creation.


3 Responses to “This Is For The Birds”

  1. Tom Sorenson says:

    Sorry, Mike – maybe not the reaction you were looking for, but I was chuckling pretty hard by the time that Red Tail hit your rabbit! I can certainly see it happening! I bet there was a coupla confused birds out there thinking “Now what in the world did I just tie into? I swear it looked like a rabbit!”

  2. mike ansel says:

    Yeh Tom a buddy of mine said Wily Coyote was probably watching from the woodline, and figures that’s one rabbit he wasn’t going to fool with. That owl and hawk may stick with mice for awhile.

  3. Arthur says:

    Now that sounds like a good hunt. I know it wasn’t exactly the outcome you were looking for, but it still sounds like a good outing to me. That would be pretty cool. And obviously you’re calling is realistic.

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