Haiti In Perspective

PhotobucketNow as I look at this picture of elk steaks on the grill, I almost feel guilty for having the abundance of  food, water, and housing me and my family enjoy.  Man we have it good in this country!  As one watches the news coming out of Haiti your heart can’t help but be touched by the devastation to that heavily populated island.  Millions of people have had their lives turned upside down, and for most of them it will never be the same.

We had two young adults from our church escape the earthquake by just two days.  They arrived back in the United States  days before the earthquake hit, and are still awaiting word about the orphanage they were helping at.  Haiti had an over abundance of orphans before the quake, and those numbers are bound to increase dramatically due to this disaster.  Our pastor has called for a church meeting to pray and explore the best way that we, as a congregation, can help.  I hope everyone that reads this will do something to help elevate  the pain and suffering these unfortunate fellow brothers and sisters are going through.  Just a little from alot will help in great ways.

Pray for relief supplies to reach those in need, for order to be restored, for more lives to be saved, and for a sliver of hope to appear to this forever changed country.  Take time to be thankful for all the blessings we have that sometimes are taken for granted.  Hug your wife, kids, and grandkids, smile at your neighbor, complain less about your circumstances.  It could all change “In the blink of an eye!”


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