Venison Withdrawals!

This is not quite the way I had anticipated the 2009 deer season ending.  Me sitting in my tree stand looking out over woods, fields, planted pines, and fence rows, and not seeing anything!  I’m talking zip, zero, nada!  It reminded me of the Christmas poem “Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”  I mean I never even saw a bird or pesky squirrel.

When I went into my stand I cut a fresh set of tracks, and they were “big!”  My hope was to put my 20 yard pin on the chest area of the deer that left those tracks, but it wasn’t to be.  Sometimes the best laid plans go “south,” and that’s what happened to me, on this, my last chance to put meat in the freezer.

Wouldn’t you know it, right at prime time, several kids were walking the edge of the woods I was hunting in.  Now that wasn’t that bad, as they were about 200 yards away.  They disappeared for about 15 minutes, but returned with “guns” in hand!  Paint ball guns that is!  It was 5:00 o”clock.  The time when your senses are on full alert and anticipation runs high.  Bam, zing, splatter,  was all I could hear for a solid 10 minutes.  Shooting light was waning fast, and I was discouraged, so I packed it up.

The deer won this year.  I did learn something about hunting suburban deer though.  It will be a long time (never) before I commit to doing it again.  The noises and distractions going on around you, in a setting like I was in, just wasn’t hunting, as I know it.  I’m sure there were deer taken in the area, but it just isn’t the same.  Deer prefer solitude, and so do I.  Next year I hope to be far away from lawn-mowers, honking horns, kids playing, dogs barking, and paintball fights!

Just today I talked to a hunting buddy who went north last weekend.  He hunted three days and saw 14!  Fourteen coyotes that is.  He never saw one deer, but plans a return trip for “yotes.”  I have received more reports about coyote and wolf sightings this year than in any past year.  Sooner than later it has to effect the deer herd, and it just could be that the downward spiral has already began.  Some one needs to start a reality T.V. show called “It ain’t no joke if you don’t shoot a yote!”


2 Responses to “Venison Withdrawals!”

  1. Arthur says:

    I’m sorry that your year ended the way it did, Mike. But I wouldn’t give up on the suburban deer. My first few deer were of the suburban variety, and let me tell you I saw some brutes. I can understand not liking it, though, especially if you’re used the peace of quiet of secluded hunting.

    And we definitely need to start putting some hurt on the coyotes. Those things are everywhere, and getting bolder by the minute.

  2. Admin2 says:

    Suburban deer, haha. Last year I was at Nobel by Dixie, where the tracks are and there was a Suburban Deer walking along the road, they’re out there I tell you!