Happy Birthday Quinn

PhotobucketIt’s not very often that I have my six kids and 10 grandchildren all together at one time.  Well Sunday was a big occasion for us, as we celebrated my oldest grandchild’s birthday.  Quinn Anthony Russo turned 16 years old (actually today) and we just had to give him a nice party.  Also my wife’s parents Leo and Kay Boylan were able to make it, so we took several pictures of them together.  One of the reasons we had to take several is because it is extremely hard to get 12 subjects to say cheese at the same time.  There always seems to be at least one “clown” in the group, and we have at least “three” who could join the circus.

We had a great day, weather wise, and were able to make good use of the pool, hit golf balls, ride 4-wheelers, jump on the trampoline, eat real Italian spaghetti, and relax (sort off!)  When it got dark enough we lite a bon-fire, and Quinn and Micah (my son) put on a fireworks display that had us cheering for more.  I mean they lite up the sky with “bombs bursting in air” like I’ve never seen, in someones back yard.  It was totally awesome, just like my grandson Quinn.

What a blessing he has been to my wife and me, along with the whole family.  Micah is 27 years old, but he and Quinn have always had a special relationship.  Their on the same page with music, computers, and personality.  You don’t find many 16 year olds that play sports, maintain a 4.0 grade point, are musically and artistically inclined, and genuinely like their family.  That’s cool Quinn, cause we all like (love) you too.  Happy Birthday buddy.  Hope you had a great day with your friends.  Love ya Papa.

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  1. Arthur says:

    It definitely sounds like Quinn is a keeper. Hopefully he maintains that love of family for years to come, and right through adulthood. It sounds like someone is raising him right – and I’m sure his Papa has helped in that area as well.:)