Buck Rubs And Deer Tracks

PhotobucketIt may not be the biggest buck rub in the world, but it’s fresh and only 40 yards from my tree stand.  We found several small rubs like this one, in the general vicinity of one of my stands, and found tons of tracks.  Runways were all over the place, and it quite evident that there are many deer in the area.  This may be the year that “if it’s brown it’s down Mike” waits for a big shooter buck.  It is my intention to pass on the lesser bucks and wait out Mr. Pope and Young.

I have two stands placed on either side of a 3 acre pond that the deer have to funnel around in order to get at the acorns.  I am excited and can’t wait to spend some time in the woods.  I also put out a new Cuddeback trail cam, and am hoping to see just what is making those extremely large tracks in the mud.  I’m going back over next week, and will keep you posted if anything shows on camera.

PhotobucketLots of tracks in the mud around the pond.


2 Responses to “Buck Rubs And Deer Tracks”

  1. Arthur says:

    Looks and sounds like an excellent spot, Mike. A Cuddeback trailcam? Nice! I’d have to win the lottery to buy one of those.

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