Eager Beavers

PhotobucketI can certainly understand where the terminology “Busy as a beaver” comes from.  In the past couple years several families of beavers have made the Baldwin property their home.  Each family has their own lodge (beaver house) and we found four of them, without looking very hard.  Each family could have as many as 8 beaver working together, so with upwards of 24 potential beavers, in the area, a lot of trees are being cut.  We found one area where there was almost no trees, due to the beavers cutting them down.  Understand that a beaver not only uses the limbs of trees for dams, houses, and food, but he has to chew the trees down, or his teeth will grow way to long.

This particular beaver, in the picture, surprised me as I sat along the creek fishing near his lodge.  He didn’t like me there, so he smacked his big flat tail on the surface of the water, and splashed me good.  He was only about six feet away from me when he made his “warning” known!  I snapped this picture and tried to take some video, but could not get him on film smacking the water.

Beavers are constantly monitoring their dams, and repairing any breeches in the water flow.  The dams they had constructed along our little creek create many ponds, that hold brook trout once the fish filter down to them.  We caught enough trout for a couple meals, plus were able to bring some home for a fish dinner.  We have the “Eager Beavers” to thank for that!

PhotobucketBeaver run and cuttings.

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