First Days in the Stand

Just got in from my hunting property in Hillsdale, and There are no deer going to the processors yet.  My nephew Scott accompanied me on this trip, as we pulled my little trailer to the property.

I had two stands to choose from, and I picked the original one I put up.  Scott was in stand number three.  It wasn’t a bad evening, but the wind was blowing from the North, which isn’t the norm for Michigan.  Early on, before I even pulled my bow up, I had a big doe 10 yards from me.  I couldn’t get to my bow without spooking her so I had to just watch till she trotted off.  About 6:30 I saw another doe that spooked from something I didn’t see.  Then at 7:00 o’clock a nice buck appeared about 55 yards west of my location.  It was on a scrap line, and did not enter the little patch of woods I was in.  I sat down and rummaged through my backpack for my grunt call.  Twenty minutes later the same buck was ten yards in front of me, starring in my direction.  It caught me sitting down.  I waited till it turned and started to walk away to stand up.  At 45 yards I blew my grunt call, and stopped him in his tracks.  He was interested in the grunt, and after several minutes of softly grunting he turned and started walking broadside to my position.  At 35 yards I drew, but was having a hard time seeing the buck, when I closed my eye.  I finally got his chest in my sight picture, and let one fly.  I immediately knew I was going to miss by a mile, as I have the lighted nocks this year.  I was a foot and a half behind the deer!!  I could not believe it!  This was a 115-120 class buck and I missed like a buck fevered greenhorn!  Come to find out I closed the wrong eye when I lined my sight pin on his chest, and that’s why I had a hard time finding him when I drew my bow back.  I’ve pulled this stunt a few other times, and might have to resort to wearing an eye patch!  To make matters worse, when leaving my stand I hooked my bow to my rope, and when I held it over the side to drop it down, it shot toward the ground like an anchor!  The rope wasn’t attached, and when I let go of the bow it simply obeyed gravity!  A 20 foot drop is not good for your bow, quiver, sights, ect.  I spent part of the next afternoon tuning it back in.  Interesting evening.

Scott saw 6-7 deer, but no shots.  The second day Scott saw two in the morning and two in the evening.  I saw zero in the morning and three bucks and a doe in the evening.  The deer were all working the edge of the soy-bean field about 45 yards south of my stand.  All three bucks were respectable.  I put up my “Predator” ground blind along the edge of the field, and will give them 4-5 days to get used to it.  Anyway that’s my story, and I wish I didn’t have to “stick” to it.  It’s a long season yet.  There’s still hope for redemption.


One Response to “First Days in the Stand”

  1. Arthur says:

    We’ve all been there, Mike. Keep at ’em. At least you’ve seen a deer from your stand.