Hunting has been “Coyote Ugly!”

Haven’t been out since last week, but am planning a few days for next week.  It would be some tough hunting this week anyway.  All that nasty weather that moved in from Canada (hi winds, rain, and tornadoes) does not make for a good night in the stand!  It’s still very windy here today, and going to turn colder for the weekend.

My brother Darryl did get back from the Upper Peninsula several days ago with a couple buddies of his.  Darryl and Dan had third season bear tags, and old straight shootin Dan nailed a nice one.  A 250 pound boar with a skull that may make Pope and Young – 18 inch minimum.  The night Darryl switched stands there were four bear in.  The reason he knows is because his other buddy Randy was sitting in that stand, and of course had no bear permit.

This was a combo bear/deer hunt, but no venison was put in the freezer.  They saw a lot of deer, and all passed on smaller bucks and does.  The big boys just weren’t showing themselves.  Darryl said the coyote and wolf population has sky-rocked!  There was not an evening that they did not hear packs of coyotes howling in the distance.  They even devoured the gut pile from the bear.  This is the fourth report that’s come to me about coyotes on the increase.  Not many people hunt them anymore, as they get bolder and bolder.  There have been confirmed cases of coyotes attacking kids, and at least one fatality.  They don’t mind having your cat or dog for dessert either!

I got the flu shot this year, and wouldn’t you know I’m sick!  Aches, pain, fever, cough, chills, and a nice little headache.  Hope it all goes away soon, as I only get so many windows of opportunity to hunt.  You can only watch so many episodes of “Versus” before you have to “Do It” and not just “Watch It!”


One Response to “Hunting has been “Coyote Ugly!””

  1. Arthur says:

    Hope you start to feel better soon, Mike.

    And the ‘yotes are definitely on the rise. We’ve tried hunting them a few times, but it’s a tough job, I’ll tell ya that. They are so smart, and so cagey.