Hunting Plans

PhotobucketI have only been out deer hunting a couple times this year, but I plan on getting out for several days this week.  In this picture you’ll see a little speck in the sunny part of the blind window.  That is a doe decoy standing in a cut soy-bean field.  I’ve only used it once, and didn’t see anything the morning I tried it.

I guess I should stick at it, according to my brother Darryl.  So far this year he has had 5 different bucks come right up to his decoy.  All were smaller than what he has his sights set on, so he passed on them.  He has a couple 150-175 class bucks running around his place, and that’s what he’s holding out for.  Anyway he encourage me to stick with the decoy.  I asked if it spooked the doe’s, as I have had it do in the past, and he said, “not so far.”  Maybe at certain times of the year it works better than others.  I guess I’ll have to be more serious about trying to lure a buck in this upcoming week.

The pre-rut should be moving into play, as we have noticed the “scraping” activity increasing.  Grunt calls, estrous bleats, and even rattling should increase your chances of seeing deer over the next couple weeks.  Of course “scent masking” is almost a must if you want to see deer.  The buck I missed was licking it’s nose, and lifting it’s head up in the air testing the wind.  The least little breeze can take your “predator” scent right to those awesome nostrils.  I’ve been “busted” more often than not, due to the wind changing direction.

Hope to put some meat in the freezer, like the “Simply Outdoors” crew has done.  I sure don’t want to wait till the last minute like I did last year and end up with an empty freezer.


One Response to “Hunting Plans”

  1. Arthur says:

    Well, Mike, thankfully our friend’s mom can get it done, because my brother and I have been having a heck of a time even seeing a deer from our treestands.

    I’m hoping our luck turns around here soon.