Where’s the Deer?

I hate it when hunting starts to get me frustrated.  I start thinking about retiring, giving it up, staying home with my wife, and doing fun stuff with my grandkids.  I couldn’t tell you how many times  I’ve told my wife “Dear I think this is my last year for hunting!”  Of course it goes in one of her ears and out the other!  She doesn’t believe a word of it, as she’s heard it all before.

My plan for the last several days was to hunt my leased property (expensive) in Hillsdale County Michigan.  You know “the big buck capital of the Southern Lower Peninsula.”  There are so many deer running around in these southern farm fields, that the DNR was giving out up to five doe permits a day!!  I actually was suckered into buying four of them myself.  Plan “A” was to stock everyone in my family up on tasty venison.  Not only four doe permits, but two buck permits as well.  After all I’m hunting 100 acres of Michigan’s finest. “Bah Humbug!”

After four days in paradise I saw only four deer total.  A doe and two fawns walked under my tree stand, as I watched them from and alternate blind (Why does that always happen?) and a lone doe walking a treeline some 250 yards away.  That’s it folks!  I have no idea what’s going on?  The soy-beans and corn are harvested, I have 50 acres of woods, two ponds, and a couple nice bedding area’s all to myself, and it seems I literally do have them all to myself!    I’m just a little frustrated right now, and even more so for missing the only opportunity that has presented itself this year.   I’m beginning to think the deer figures might be fudged just a little by those bureaucrats in Lansing , but what do I know?  I need one “down,” in the freezer, knocked out, lights out, on the grill, thumbs up, hi-five, hang em high, and basically “dead!”  You can’t tag one, or four, if their not there to shoot at!  I don’t really relish the thought of December bow hunting, in a 20 mile and hour wind, with the temp. hovering around 15 degrees, and the snow piling up around my knees!  I’d much rather do some bragging now, and let someone else tell the “almost froze to death” deer story.

Ok that’s enough wining for this month.  One good night, in the stand, can change my future plans, and put me back around the campfire for another year.


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  2. Arthur says:


    I completely understand. I seen three deer from a treestand this year. Three! That’s it! That’s all! And the ones I saw were about 400yds from my treestand; I might as well have not seen them.

    I’m trying to keep my composure, and keep hunting. But sitting inside and playing with Abby, or going to breakfast with the family sounds a whole lot better than hunting right now.

    Argh! I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe they are fudging the numbers.

  3. suzee says:

    Sure can understand the frustration! We have empty freezer blues here at our house too… deer and elk season came and went… no meat in the freezer. Gary still has a few more weeks to try and fill his once in a life time moose tag… if gary can fill that tag there won’t be any more empty freezer blues! He also has until Nov 20th to fill his whitetail tag. I have one more chance at a mule deer in December… so i guess we’ve got three more chances left… sure hope you and Arthur start seeing deer… and within bow range!

  4. Mike says:

    Still an empty freezer, as I have had the flu/cold for over two weeks. I’m planning on getting out this weekend with our gun season opening the 15th. Hopefully I won’t have to rely on “beef” to get us through the winter. Hope you and Gary connect on one soon.