Birds of a Different Feather Flock Together

It is a rare sight indeed to see a white turkey, but to have both a white and a bronze coloration in the same flock is a treat most will never see.  The second picture shows the whole flock (about 45 birds) with the white and the bronze bird feeding with all of the others.  The first picture shows the beauty of the bronze colored bird, and the third shows the white feathered hen.

These pictures were taken on the property I hunt, by the landowner.  I do not want to divulge the name or whereabouts for obvious reasons.  My son and I both have Spring permits, but I think both these birds will be “off limits.”  In examining close ups it appears the white bird is a hen and were almost certain the bronze is also a hen.  A couple birds in the flock appear to have segments of the bronze coloration, and they may well be Jakes.  There are a couple really mature Toms, and that’s what we’ll be after, but it would be nice to get some more good pictures of these beautiful rare birds.  Thanks Ruth for sending me these fantastic photo’s-you did good.

One Response to “Birds of a Different Feather Flock Together”

  1. Art says:

    Those are great photos, Mike. And how rare is it to have a bronze and a white in the same flock? I think the property owner may want to head to the casino, or play the lottery soon.