From Englewood Beach To Reality!

Hard to believe that this was me just a week ago, standing in the surf, with my brother Brad.  Even though we forgot our bathing suits, we stripped down to our shorts, and took a dip in the gulf.  It felt good, as the temperatures were in the lower 80’s and the water was cool and inviting.  I picked up some nice sea shells for the grandkids on our little beach walk.  Many people were enjoying the water, beach, and gulf breeze as they recreated on the white sandy ocean front.

Michigan and it’s cold snowy days were the farthest thing from my mind, as I just enjoyed this temporary moment in time.  Actually I was reminded of Michigan on many occasions while in Florida.  I had a couple University of Michigan shirts and a U.of M. hat that I wore on many of our excursions.  People would holler from their cars “Go blue,” and stop me on the street to talk about where they were from in Michigan.  I even had a family from Toledo Ohio start razzing me about Ohio’s dominance of Michigan over the last several years.  People were friendly and genuinely seemed to be enjoying life.  Of course why wouldn’t they be smiling, as they envisioned their neighbors buried under mounds of snow and bundled up against the winds cold winter bite!  We even met people that knew people that we knew!  What a small world we live in.  I think if you go back far enough you’ll find were all related.

Anyway here I sit less than a week after bouncing golf balls off of palm trees, rubbing in sun tan oil, and sleeping with the air conditioner on. I’m now turning up the thermostat, shoveling the remnants of the last storm, and realizing that I still have several more months before I can enjoy those same temperatures in Michigan!  Oh well at least I had a one week reprieve from the harsh reality of a Michigan winter, and I am truly thankful for that.

One Response to “From Englewood Beach To Reality!”

  1. Arthur says:

    I normally don’t mind winter, Mike, but I am ready for it to make its way out of here. I am completely and utterly envious of the picture in this post. It looks like a great time.